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Noah's Babyshower

November 10th, 2012

A little Late, but here it is.

Thanks to my little sister Grace (David's sister) for the amazing photos she captured on our special day!
We held the babyshower at my mother in law's club house in the community park where she lives. It was the perfect space for our event! My mom and I decorated the place with amazing things we borrowed from a sweet church friend. I baked the goodies myself and did a lot of DIY crafting and cut outs myself. All the frames I used I found the day before the shower at a thrift store and the .99 cent store. Our maternity photos were taken by the lovely Victoria Lewis .
My mom, mom's friend Ana Garcia, her daughter Ana B and my grandmother did the cooking.

The Day was a perfect rainy day (I say that because I love rainy cold days! ) very cold and just perfect for an indoor babyshower.

Guests & Games! 

PDA it's in our bloodstream. ;)

Proud parents to be!


The bestie and her beau

Noah got to wear a stache too!

My other bestie's baby! Maddie!

Holly is Grace's music teacher, she's really blessed us with plenty of things we'll need for Noah. She's sweet!

Mom, Grandma, cousin, aunt, cousin

Mom and Dad in law (Holly & Britt)

Who can drink out of the bottle the fastest?! 

My momma and I 

Steven, brother in law next to Holly

This is Susie (my neighbor) and her daughter. So blessed to have them in my life! 

Ana, she's like a second mom to me. 

Kirby! Sweet woman of God. and her cutie pie son below!

David & Momma

Brother / Sister love

Mom, Me & Grandma... of course she closed her eyes lol

typical photo of David

He got a present too!

Batman cave! 

baby skinny jeans! 

He registered for this... he's obviously excited! =D
Yay! Pack n' Play! Thanks to his Grandma! =D

Dad and son 

That day was so meaningful to us and our growing family! I'm blessed for the sweet people I have in my life. Thank you too all who came out, all who spoiled us and Noah with a gift! We had a great time! 

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