Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where Have I Been?

This past weekend began with a bang! Friday we had planned to have a fun day with David's dad and step mom at the Ventura Harbor. The day was so perfect to be out and about! We met up and had Mexican food at Margarita Ville (yep I enjoyed a yummy margarita) and talked for a couple hours. It's nice taking Noah out with us on our adventures, we still haven't left him alone with anyone else, and I'm actually satisfied with that. I wouldn't be okay without him, he's my buddy. =)

After lunch we walked around the harbor and Holly and I went in almost all the little shops that were there. It was a lot of fun! We even posed for some pics!

my in laws! They're pretty much amazing.

If you've wondered what my post partum bod looks like, here it is! heehee 
Fun Times. 
I swear, we must have looked like tourist to people around us, we were taking pictures and enjoying all the shops as if we weren't even from around there ha! Too much fun!

That night, my dad and his family stayed the night at our place since they had a funeral to attend near my town. So after spending time with David's parents, he got to spend time with mine ;) My dad and his wife and my step sister ended up staying with us all weekend and it was a blast! I showed them around Fillmore and they really enjoyed it!
My Dad and Noah having a heart felt conversation ( prob about me ;) )
Saturday night we ordered pizza and finally watched the Hunger Games which is pretty much amazing! If you haven't seen it, get up right now, go to your local redbox or Netflix and watch it! Noah was pervin a dish for Jennifer Laurence for the first half and then this happened ^. Tired bubba.

Sunday morning, my Dad and fam left early to make it to their church on time, and we got ready to go to church. Here's what I wore:
Face =Fail.
Church was real good, always is, but let me tell you, it's much harder to concentrate with a little one. But it's tons of fun! We always meet new couples with their little ones in the parent room and start talking and asking questions. It's neat. When you become a parent, other parents come to you and talk to you as if they've met you before. It's a different type of fellowship that we are getting used to and enjoying.

Now yesterday was a crazy weird day. First things first: Noah is now a 3month old! (I'll be doing the update soon!) I really cannot believe how fast time flies when you're a parent! TIME SLOW DOWN NOW!
Yesterday my aunt and grandma came to visit and while they were here, David got a couple calls. The last Call he went on was for a Fire. So he took off and 15 min. later I smell smoke from our place, sirens are going off left and right so my aunt and I went to find where it was coming from. Noah stayed at home with my grandma. When I got to where the smoke seemed the most dense this is what we saw:
Homes were just under those trees! My mom's old house was right there! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! And ten minutes after witnessing this, the fire had wrapped around the mountain and touched ground! I told my aunt we had to go help people evacuate. To my surprise people were still there just starring, mainly in shock so we asked if anyone needed help but at that point we were coughing, the smoke was too much for us. The fire went on for hours and I waited and waited to hear from David. As proud as I am to have a Fire fighter husband, it terrified me that this is really what he enjoys doing. I was so scared for him.
By 7 pm I still had not heard anything from David, so Noah and I went to my mom's to get away from the smoke. By 10pm the news said most of the fire had been contained so Noah and I drove back home and waited and waited and waited for David to return or at least call. By 12:30am still nothing, but the smell of smoke was gone, and Noah and I were in bed. Finally at 1:30 am The bedroom door opens and this is what I see :
I'm always happy to see him home, but this feeling was so much more than that. I was ecstatic to have him home safe and sound! And today is our 6 year anniversary being together! What a perfect gift!
He rested up today since he was so beat from that brush fire so we didn't really do much today. I'm just glad to have him here.

Me and Noah today

Firefighter Dad
A Look at what our town looked like yesterday. Thank God that everything is back to normal today and no one was reported injured. 

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