Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Months Old!

Ahhhh! Where have I been this past month?!!!! I've been a horrible blogger! This past month we were so busy here with my Marine brother coming home from his deployment to having Noah be fussy for a week straight, to me visiting my dad and everyone else, I'm barely now blogging about Noah being 3 months old and in just two days he's already going to be 4 months old! Oh My! I'm not going to lie, this past month was a tough one but I'm still so in Love with my baby boy! Sleep comes and goes but this unconditional love I have for my son is FOREVER. =)

alright, so here it is...


Weight:  16.1 lbs
Height: 26 Inches

Abilities: Strong neck, able to hold up his head. Likes to stand but has to be held by his arms. He does takes steps! He yells big time! Yells at us even when he's happy! He's a talker! Grabs and pulls in objects and then takes him to his mouth. Oh, and he follows us with his eyes everywhere!
Looks like a big boy! 

Where'd Noah go?

He and Cosby are good pals, Cosby goes up to Noah, gives him a good lickin' and Noah giggles and tries to touch him. It's a sweet bro-mance!
We've been out and about everywhere lately with the babes. I love taking him and "showing him off" to everyone! We still get stopped by strangers at the market, who can't believe how much hair he has and how handsome he is. It's all good, my boy loves being smothered by the ladies! Oh and I've noticed he has a particular interest in blondes! oh boy! Here we go!
Eating with a baby is getting easier...which is why I've begun working out now! lol
Our Doctor told us we could begin to give him little tastes of our food, so what we do is dip our finger in some of our food and let him suck it. We mainly do this just to see his facial expression. I am still very much so exclusively breastfeeding and as long as I have enough milk production that will be his main source of food.

Nursing his has gotten easier as well! It can be messy if you over produce like I do or did... I am now producing a little less so it makes it easier for me to feed him without him choking or unlatching. Nursing is my favorite time with him. It's a beautiful thing that you can't really express with words, only experience it.

What Mornings look like at our house =D Happy!
We co-sleep, which means we allow for him to sleep in bed with us. He starts off in the bassinet, sleeps there for about 3 hours and than wakes up for a feeding, so instead of getting up, pumping and feeding him, I bring him into the bed and nurse while lying down. It makes things sooooooooooo much easier since I'm half asleep and so is David. When David is at work, Noah goes directly to the bed with me and that way I don't have to get up to get him. No he has never fallen off the bed and no I haven't rolled over on him. I cradle him with pillows to secure him and he sleeps on one of my arms while he nurses through out the night.

Now on nights where I just cannot wake up and David is home, I make sure I pump before sleeping and he helps out by getting up to feed the baby. The only problem with this is that he doesn't fall asleep right away since he's so used to just nodding up to my breast and sucking himself to sleep.

Oh and it's pretty awesome that he doesn't poop at night anymore. He only pees. So I change him when we wake up. Usually at 6 or 7am. He's an awesome baby!

We do have a crib ( Just realized I never posted about it!!!!! ahhhh! ) but we don't plan on having him sleep in it at nights for a little while more. He'll nap in there from time to time but that is all.

Yep, he really napped like this. 

We have a happy baby and I love it!
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