Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Day in Solvang

Last Wednesday we were invited to join my mother in law and little sister to go on a day trip to Solvang here in California. It was an hour and a half drive up North and man was it worth it! We first went to a park where my little sister met with her home schooling friends and mothers for lunch. This park was so neat and almost like a mini Solvang the way it was decorated.
David and I were the only 20 somethings there but we still made it a point to have fun and enjoy the swings. Who said you could ever be too old to swing?!

I Love Us.  Can you believe in a week we will have been together for 6 years?!
our little picnic lunch

peek a boo! 


After our little kid fun at the park, we headed down town to Solvang fun! The streets are small and cute, full of character and cute shops all over! David and I walked around and did our own thing with Noah for a bit and than met with his mama again to eat some pizza! 

David's mama!

Me and my mama ;) oh and Noah


Oh David, why?

It was such a fun and perfect little getaway since we really haven't gone too many places since we had Noah, but this was just right for us. By the end of the day, Noah was pooped and pretty much slept the whole Car ride home.

David always makes Noah have funny faces!
I love our new family adventures! I can't wait for more and someday hopefully soon, Go to Ireland with our little baby. =) That is my dream, and I'm declaring it will happen! ;)

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