Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

Hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! Ours started out with a Bang on Friday night! We attended the Good Friday service, and it was the perfect way to start the weekend. 52 people got baptized that night! It was amazing! The whole auditorium was flowing with the spirit, it felt beautiful being in there!
Daddy and Noah watching the baptisms in the parent room

I even got to see my old supervisor from the Ronald Reagan Library get baptized! Someone I thought would never set foot in a church, and he did it! The feeling of just being there that night is indescribable! Afterwards, David and I went to Denny's for a late dinner but we had to leave in a hurry since Noah wasn't having it..

On Saturday Noah and I drove up to Santa Barbara for my nieces 3rd birthday party! It was super cute, they held it at a park overlooking the beach, so picture perfect but I didn't get a chance to snap away since Little Mister was being fussy! David was at work so it was just me and him and of course family was there. I had a "bad mama" moment, when Noah finished his bottle, I ran to the car to get more milk from my little cooler, and was surprised to see that I had forgotten it all at home....So there I was at a little kid birthday party with a fussy crying baby, and trying to nurse him while they hit the Pinata... of course Noah didn't want boobie, he wanted bottle, so I had to take off and 10 min. of none stop crying in the car and he's out... Ha! This is was being a mommy is all about!

I didn't get too much sleep that night, and the following morning we had to be up and early so that we could leave the house by 8:30 to make it to the early service for church.

After service, we headed on over to my mother in law's house. It was so much fun! Me and David's little sister decorated eggs, David helped cook, and Noah got to meet some new babies too!
being held by grandpa ken =)
Dinner was sooooooooo good! We had ham, potatoes, cucumber salad, strawberry salad and deviled eggs! Oh! And home made bread! Yum! It was soooo good!
Our little family! Noah's First Easter 2013.
It was such a great day! Noah has a total of 3 Easter baskets full of wonderful gifts! I only took this picture of the basket my  mom got for him, but my goodness he got spoiled big time!
Here are all the gifts put together! And I'm told he has another basket waiting for him! =D Blessed!
This Easter was a wonderful one to remember! I even talked to Noah explaining the true meaning of Easter and how Jesus is risen. I think for a few years to come Easter will be about presents and candy to his understanding but I will keep on telling him the truth and he will understand some day ;) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Praise be to God and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead...
1Peter 1:3

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