Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BBQ and family fun!

It's Tuesday already?! Wahh this past weekend happened too fast! Luckily David was able to take Saturday off which meant he was home for 4 days! We all went to his uncle's house for a BBQ on Saturday. There was so much family over! It was a blast ! Noah got to hang with his little girl cousin Maddie ( she's only 2 months younger than Noah). We all hung in the pool, drank a couple margis and ate some delish homemade pulled pork sandwiches! 
                                 Can you say twinsies?! Left: David's dad, David and Noah.

                                        What we wore. Look at Mr. Noah with his fedora!

                                       This is Maddie. She is a talker and loves her pacifier! 

We stayed there until about 9pm . We should have known better than to stay out that late, Noah decided he wouldn't sleep at all for the next 24 hours! We were exhausted on Sunday but kept going. The 3 of us ventured out in town and found a cool looking antique barn with all sorts of antiques and goodies! Here's what I ended up getting : 

                                                              It's a geode! 

I have been wanting a rock this size just like this since I was about ten! But all the nature stores sell them for almost $200 this size! No way I would allow myself to spend that much on a dang rock! Luckily this one was hidden on a bookshelf and the guy gave it to me for $15!!!! Score for this nerd! Yay! 

After antiquing, we were off to the desert in search of a treasure hunt! Let me explain, it's our new family fun outing thing that my husband introduced us to. It's called Geocaching and it's basically a treasure hunt. You go online to the Geocaching site and look up your area and see if anyone has hidden Anything and there's hints and gps to tell you about where the hidden items are. Once you find it, you log in if there is a log book and you are welcomed to take whatever is in that box/container with you as long as you replace it with another item of equal or more value! We went looking for about 3 of them and were only able to find one! What can I say, we're new at this! It was super exciting tho to find it and when we did, nothing was in the little container! Bummer. So we put a couple trinkets in there ourselves and hopefully someone keeps it going!:) 

                             At least Noah had a blast being out in the windy desert! 

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