Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Lush Bath (Product Review) and September Beauty Haul!

I recently met heaven in my bath tub... Okay, not literally but so close! Have you guys heard of Lush Cosmetics?! Well.... Let me introduce you!
Lush's products are all handmade and organic, made with fruits and veggies ( I wouln't recommend eating tho lol) They are all about not testing their products on animals and what not.

Now the fun to all of this: their bath bombs are amazing! They have so many different kinds to choose from! Anything from sleep inducing See how Noah uses Lush Bath Bombs HERE .  I looked for a cute bath bomb that wasn't too expensive. I went with the Sex Bomb... ya I know the name, I thought it was funny and it smelled delish! Cost me: $7.95

Now for Noah's bath bomb, we broke it into several different pieces but for the one I got, I went ahead and dropped the whole thing in! Here's how it looked:

I loved it! It felt so soothing, it smelled great and my skin was so silky soft! I hadn't had a good relaxing "me time " bath since I was pregnant so this was a nice treat! I had the canldes going and pandora on... it was great!

Happy spoiled relaxed me after bath.

I highly recommend going to Lush and trying out their products! I know I can't wait to go back! Next time I also want to try their natural shampoos or a face mask!

September was like Christmas for me since it was my birthday month ;) I fully enjoyed it and loved my gifts! I got some cash and giftcards and of course I used it mostly on makeup! Here's a look at my new make up family memebers :

Aren't they lovely?! I know,  I know, I have a makeup addiction. I already have more than I need but I can't stop! heehee.. I tried a few new products this make up haul. I was pumped to try all the new ELF cosmetics! They're dirt cheap and very good products for the most part! So far I'm loving the stuff I picked up. I also finally got lip balm from rosebud perfume co. I had been wanting to try and I absolutely love it! I carry it with me everywhere and use it at night before bed and when I wake up. My lips are silky soft and smell  like yummy strawberry thanks to that! My other new fave is the Urban Decay Powder. I love how well it covers! I got mine in a medium dark and it makes my face look flawless! I love it! I'm also trying out the Real Techniques make up brushes from Ulta. They're amazing! I've been using Crown makeup brushes for years and I actually fell in love with Real Techniques more! I def. need to load up on more.
Besides makeup, I've also bought a couple nail kits from Nail Inc from Sephora. I had never tried the brand but wow they are amazing! Here's a look at what I did to my nails with one of the kits:

For this look I used nail polish by Flower (made by Drew Barrymore) and then added the bow from nails inc kit.
Neat huh? I love them! I should probably do a makeup video... or showing you all how much of a makeup junkie i am lol . I did at one point get a second job at Sephora, on top of working 8 hours a day and going to school just to meet my makeup needs... oh the single life... ha.
Now that Noah is able to entertain himself for a while at a time I've been taking advantage and getting back to doing my make up on a daily basis and my hair and nails too.

Gotta love mommy life! 

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