Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Swap

A couple weeks ago, I signed up to do a fall swap by a girl I follow on instagram. It seemed pretty fun, so I left my email and she set everyone up with a partner to do the swap! The limit was $15.00 or under and you had to mail it before Oct. 1st. My partner, Kristen, this super cool girl from Washington I got to know her a bit through emails and instagram pics. I decided to make her gift more like a Birch Box, so I bought a few makeup goodies since I had been out and about shopping for makeup the last couple weeks. I got a makeup bag from Ulta and added an eyeshadow quad with fall-ish colors, Ulta mascara that I love, a mini pink lip gloss and a gorgeous maroonish/red lipstick from Clinique. And I also put in little candles. I wish I would have decorated it more because when I recieved my package I was blown away!

Kristen had sent mine in a big box by the postal service and when I opened it, she had wrapped it all up in cute autumn colored wrapping paper! My gift was in a cute basket and filled with all these goodies! Kristen, girl you spoiled me rotten with this! And I know all this was not just $15.00, it was a lot more with all the lovely items I got and the wrapping and mailing costs! I really appreciated it!!! =D xoxo

Okay so here's the Fall Swap Goodies I got:

1.) Yum! M&Ms! And Yes they are delish! Smell like skittles and taste like white chocolates!

2.) Pumpkin Butter, Never ever tried this but I can't wait to!

3.) A Candle, I had been going to target and opening these up just to smell them! I was super excited when I saw this!

4.) Pumpkin Spice Coffee! She had almost asked if I liked coffee and then she noticed my email (Coffee addict) and was like oh duh of course she does! lol

5.) Cute decorative owl! I love this little guy! He's sitting on our window sill now.

6.) Covergirl Nail polish! I love this color! I've been wearing it since I got it!

7.) The perfect "ready to go" mini cross body purse! this is so perfect for when I need to run to the store and just put my phone and cards in and lip balm! I really like this purse!

8.) Teal Lace Scarf, you can see it on Noah's lap. He had to look at all my goodies too! ;)

I had fun doing my first swap, and I really enjoyed getting a present, who doesn't?! Now I have more of an idea of how to do it and I can't wait to join in on another one! I hear the next one is being hosted or set up by @Kcqsmama on instagram and sign ups close tomorrow on Sunday so hurry and sign up to join in on the fun! 

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