Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patching it

Guess what we did on Saturday??? We went to the pumpkin patch! Usually we go to the same one in Santa Paula, it's a big deal, a huge ranch, music and food but this year since we don't live near there anymore we went to Lombardi's Pumpkin Patch. That place was just as fun, huge and there was a couple corn fields and a petting zoo! Best part about it was that it was free to get in! I mainly wanted to go to get our family fall photos taken care of but we enjoyed being there.
For our pictures I had us matching colors but different patterns. Here's what we wore:
I took my Nikon and a tripod and our prop for Noah's pictures was his red ATW wagon. I got 3 leave garlands from the Dollar Tree and decorated the wagon with them and also propped up some pumpkins next to it.

The McDaniels' Fall 2013
 For our family photo, I set the camera on self timer and I kept having to run back and forth to be in the shot, I only got 3 of all 3 of us and some nice lady that saw me running back and forth offered to take our picture with my iphone, and that's actually my favorite one of the three of us. =)

This was the first attempt, but I like that David and I are smiling.

David played photographer for a bit. He does really good!

The pumpkin patch was big and crowded with people. There were a lot of props you could take pictures with like this:

haha awesome!
They even had a train that circled the farm, we didn't go on it but we'll prob go back just to have that experience!

One of my favorite pictures I took! and it's an iphone picture!
At the petting zoo, there was a llama, or alpaca? I really don't know the difference, anyways, it kept circling in the cage and kept coming back towards Noah! It made me nervous because I kept thinking it would spit on us but it didn't.

My ugly excited face! hahaha Being a parent = second chance at childhood! ;)
We walked around some more, and picked our pumpkins out, stood in line and then realized they only accepted cash... c'mon its 2013! Oh well, its an excuse to go back very soon! ;)

We had a great time there! Pumpkin Patching 2013 was a success!


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