Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weekend Update

So last you read, if you did read... Not that you have to or anything, just sayin.. ;) We were getting ready to celebrate my father in law's birthday! On Saturday morning, Holly and I were out and about getting balloons, paper plates and food from Famous Dave's! We got back home at 1pm, not showered or done up and my sister and law and her family arrived! It's okay, the only one that mattered that day was my FIL. It was a nice lunch for him.

My sister in law's hubby, he's a funny guy.

The best cake ever! Chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake!

recognize this look? yep, this is Noah's grandpa!

" Happy Birthday dear Britt... Happy birthday to you..."

This guy got a balloon because it's not his birthday.

 The night before, Noah's cousin spent the night so this little dude got to hang with a big kid. Now that Noah is getting the hang of walking, he tries to catch up with his cousin Mason, but right now, Mason is at that age where he wants to be left a lone.

Friday Night we also went to Sushi since I had a free roll coupon. The lady that owns the restaurant knows us now and she LOVES Noah! She's obsessed ha! She actually held him this time and she walked around the whole restaurant with him, showing him off to everyone ha! We didn't mind, hey a nice quiet meal for once! ;)

Back to Saturday night, after everyone went home, we watched The Blair Witch Project... Oooooo... Scary... I hadn't seen that movie since it came out! That was pretty much out Saturday night.

On Sunday,
we got up, got breakfast from Tom's and ate at the aquaduct for a nice view.

diet? what diet?

Later that day, we went for a ride. Didn't take many pics, it was just a car ride for me and David to talk about things. Sometimes we do that just because. I think it does good for our Marriage. And for some reason, we always have the best times while driving together.

 Monday, It rained. It was the perfect fall day. It felt so crisp out and I loved it! Hello boots and jackets! We drove around town and went into an antique barn.
Boots: Steve Madden, Military studded jacket: Zenana Outfitters, Black leggings and Plaid shirt old.

We were heading home when I noticed how beautiful the desert looked! It was so plain but the skies were so gorgeous! We had to pull over and take some pics! David was the photographer and look at these great shots!
That sums up our weekend! Ready for this weekend! I am going to my first bridal shower! Should be fun!

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