Friday, November 1, 2013


I couldn't think of a better title for this post, sorry if you've read this title a thousand times on all the other blogs. lol
On Wednesday we went to a local pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin to carve since we didn't end up getting a pumpkin when we went to take pictures at the Lombardy Pumpkin Patch. I know, who waits until the day before halloween to get a pumpkin?! Apparently we do. =)

I'm  gunna be the cliche mom and say, it DOES NOT get much cuter than this! heehee Love my pumpkin.
This pumpkin patch had a lot going on! From bouncy houses, to a trampoline jump, to rides and a petting zoo! Noah loved it all! I think his favorite is just staring at all the other kids running around and playing. He loved petting the baby goats and tuggin on their ears!

It was fun. We got the a cute fat, small pumpkin that we never ended up carving! Boooo!

Okay so for Halloween, we actually didn't dress Noah up or go trick or treating... I know we're boring.. It was a mix of honestly being broke and I just wasn't sure how I felt about it yet... Do I really want my child to celebrate this? Or should we let him dress up but not trick or treat? I dunno... I think we came to the agreement to let him so he doesn't miss out on fun with other kids but show him the true meaning of halloween and how it shouldn't be celebrated... as long as he is taught the truth I guess.

Anyway, during the day, it was an out and about fun day, just me and baby. We woke up early, played, ate and than I got the blankets on the floor and laid down while he played but he actually ended falling asleep. So while he napped, I blogged, and than I heard him rustling around and he had woken up and this is him peeking at me:

I love it. He's so cute, those little things he does make my day. I love him.

So once we were up and ready, we headed out to the local library. I needed to get a library card since I'm new to this county and turns out I couldn't get one because I am not a permanent resident but the lady at the desk told me I could get Noah a card and I could use it for anything! Ha , so Noah officially has his first library card! I was shocked that with this being LA county the libraries are bigger and they actually let you check out 50 items! Crazy! I'm used  to only being allowed to check out 10 items the most!

At the library we obviously hung out at the children's section and I let Noah play. He loved it. Again, he really loves staring at the "big boys" (3+ year olds).

I checked out a bunch of baby books for him and Lauren Conrad's books for me. (she's my new girl crush. I used not like her back in the laguna beach days but now she's so stylish and cool.)

After the library we went for a walk at the main street. It was pretty dead surprisingly. I didn't see anyone dressed up or anything...

Than we got hungry and Noah asked me to take him to El Torrito... wink wink

I'm not even lying, little mister ate all the rice and most the beans himself! Can you believe it?! Dang!

mama! Give me some!
We went during lunch hours so our meal was fairly cheap, plus chips and salsa! YUM! That was our day. Once David got home from work, we went for a stroll around our neighborhood to see all the kids in their costumes. It was cute! We saw a baby spiderman with big muscles lol . Than we drove to starbucks and called it a night. I Loved it. We had a good day.

How was your Halloween?! 

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