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Christmas 2013 Part One


Merry Christmas Everyone! (a day late)
I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful holiday! I know we did for sure! We did so much in so little time and I loved it! We have 4 sets of parents, all divorced and remarried so we got started with our visits and Christmas celebrations early in order to not miss out!

On Sunday we woke up early, grabbed some Starbuck's for breakfast and got on the road to my mother in laws house. At Starbucks, the cashier had a long line and was getting nervous because I had a giftcard and it didn't seem to go through so she just told me my drink was on the house! Hey that's A-OK with me!
This was totally a must instagram moment.... David's rolling his eyes while I take a selfie.
On the road, we saw this hot air balloon! It looked like maybe they had just finished riding it and they had it touching the ground and the guys around it trying to pull it down. I thought it was so cute, and it took me back to when David took me up on the hot air balloon for my 20th birthday. Such a sweet memory.

As soon as we got to David's mom's house, I went in the kitchen with his mom and helped with making food for dinner. I made a delicious spicy Italian salad. It came out so good! There were a ton of ingredients in it but it was perfect. For dinner we had Lasagna, salad, bruschetta, and than there were cookies and gelato for desert but I didn't even make it to that. It was so much good food!

At the table left to right: Grace my SIL, me, David, Steven my BIL, and David's mom with Noah. Ken was taking the picture.

Noah didn't eat much. He just wanted to play with this Rudolf the red nose reindeer doll that his grandma had.

anything that is round and looks like a boob, he'll put in his mouth...ha #lifeofabreastfedbaby
Playtime with uncle steven!
Love this face!
And after all the commotion he was down for a nap. A short one but good one.
After his nap, we opened presents! I actually didn't get any pictures of him opening his presents here, I was too busy opening them for him and see his excited face! He got sweaters, a cute button up, socks, a fishing bowl toy with the pole and a dump truck! He loved it all! He literally gets so excited and happy to see new toys! Its so cute!

We left their house at about 7:30pm. We decided to enjoy the night and drove around town before heading home. We went to Candy Cane lane there in Camarillo. It was so fun!

Its like two blocks of houses just covered in Christmas lights! It looked like Christmas took a dump in the neighborhood! No lie

Than we drove through the hills of Camarillo and I loved how pretty and lit up the city looked.
Than we headed home.

On Monday, we stayed in. It was a chill day. David had Friday-Wednesday off so lucky me, I've had all the help from him I need! That day we just enjoyed each other's company with nothing to do. We decided to let Noah open one of his presents.  We bought him a gym like baby play tent that comes with plastic balls and a little basketball hoop and a mini basketball. He LOVED it! It was a lot bigger than we expected so I opened it up outside on the grass and even I fit in there with him!

I secretly bought this toy for me. ;) jk
I think he enjoyed the box it came in, more than the actual tent. A baby's life. The simpler the better. Shoulda known.


My OOTD. I ended up changing into sweats once I found out no one would be home till late.

Tuesday, we woke up early, got dressed, packed our bags and headed to my mom's house for Christmas eve! We were ready for a fun filled day with family to begin.... So I thought..
We got to her house, rang the door bell, nothing... rang again... nothing. I called her on the phone and just as it was ringing my mom opened the door and yelled "what are you doing here?!" ummmm it's Christmas eve! I guess this year she worked Christmas eve, usually she has it off and its a day full of baking and cooking from early till late at night. But she was only home on a lunch break to put the turkey in the oven.... So we stayed at the house until she got off of work. Since she had to work I decided I'd help, and I baked cookies, brownies, made mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. I was in the kitchen until she got off of work. By the time she got off, I was exhausted, and Noah finally took his first nap of the day at 5pm with me. I slept for what I thought was a couple hours but David said I only slept for 20 min.... ugh..

Noah crawling on Bluebell

So my aunt, her kids, her husband and my grandma came over at 9pm, we ate, we talked we played and at midnight just like we always do, we opened presents.

watching daddy start the fire place.

"Grandma this thing is itchy"
Us with my grandma.
Opening his gift like a big boy!
And there's what he got from grandma! A radio flyer trike! Isn't it so cute! He surprised us by knowing how to get on it and push him self with his legs! Smart kid!

Oh and we're doing the whole get the babies new Christmas jammies for Christmas eve thing. David's step mom got him these and says every year she'll do this for the grandbabies and next year even for us too! I love that Idea! My mom also got him a couple really cute bath toys and she got me and David a JCP gift card!
While I was busy playing with Noah, I didn't realize my little cousin was doing this on my phone....

I literally had like 100 pictures of his face ahahha! So to get back at him, I posted it on instagram. =)

Noah had played hard all day so by midnight he was done. Cutie pie.

In the morning Noah decided he wanted to be up by 7am and wake his daddy up. David had to sleep on the floor because we didn't all fit in the full size bed comfortably (at my mom's).

My mom came into the room to play with the baby before we left.

sweet pajamas mom! hahaha
FYI this is my old bedroom. New furniture and bedding.
We had breakfast with my mom and Rudy, ate tamales and drank coffee. And than back on the road for the hour and a half drive home to Celebrate Christmas Day with David's side of the family.

Sleeping in the car holding his bottle!

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