Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Until Now and an Annoucement!

I'm a terrible blogger incase you haven't noticed. I haven't blogged since Thanksgiving! Now we're  hitting the second week of December and I'm just now blogging. Thanksgiving evening we drove all the way to San Luis Obispo to stay with my dad for the weekend. It was so fun and nice to see him and the family and let them play with Noah. We hit the stores for Black Friday shopping later in the day. We're not crazy about getting killed by a stampede of people at one in the morning. So we went more at like 1 in the afternoon. We went to Khols, Bed Bath and Beyond and TJ MAXX. It's not like the sales are extraordinary, it's just another excuse to shop. I got some Christmas presents I needed to get so that was good!

While me and my sister shopped. =)
After our shopping extravenganza, we went to pick up a couple redbox movies, The Purge (ew scary) and The Heat (Hilarious but the dvd was scratched so we couldn't watch all of it). My Dad picked up pizza and that was our fun Friday night!

On Saturday we were up early and we decided to go eat at my favorite little café in town.

Jamie always gets the same thing. Looks so pretty.
It's the cutest little café ever! It looks like a house but it's a tiny diner inside. Love it.
After breakfast we went home to put on boots and tennis shoes to go for a little hike/walk in Elfin Forests. You can guess what that's like, Migit trees! Migit trees in a migit forest! ahhhh love it! It was great!

That weird man in the back, that's my dad... Photobombing.

hahaha silly old man ;)

My beautiful sister walking on the bridge.

After Elfin Forest, well we got lost on the way back to the car but once we made it back we went to get burgers at Silvester's . It was so good! Loved it.

Since we were in two cars, David, Jamie and I and Noah of course went downtown to walk around and we also got frozen Yogurt. It was fun!

On Sunday we woke up early, packed up and ate a quick breakfast since we had to be at our friend's wedding by 4pm and it was a 2 hour drive. While we were loading up the car, David was holding Noah and playing with him when he noticed tooth #5! It's on the top!

Yes, he bites =/
So we made it back in time to get ready at David's sister's house and than we attended the wedding. It was so beautiful! Wedding of my dreams! The couple looked gorgeous and everything was so pretty and fun!

It was a blast! David and I danced and even Noah loved being on the dance floor! He was waving and screaming to the music! And he was being passed around like a little doll! It was so cute!
 During that week, I decided to finally attempt to have my very own instagram shop by selling some clothing items I don't use anymore or things I find at the Goodwill. I was and still am very nervous to have this shop, its something new and a first attempt and making a little money here and there. Nothing has sold yet, but I'll keep up the shop for a little longer to see if anything happens. Having this shop is a little dangerous tho, in the fact that I was supposed to post these adorable Franco Sarto heels I found and I decided to keep them.. Wouldn't you?!
This past weekend, I got to photograph David's cousins and their baby in their home. It's Noah's cousin Maddie. I love hanging with them, they're such a fun sweet couple! Here are some sneak peeks:


Aren't they cute?! It was fun! After the short shoot, I say short because we were supposed to go to a park and take the pictures but it rained all day and it was super windy so we had to do it indoors, we went to grab a bite to eat at Tom's. It was fun!
On Sunday evening, we went to pick out a Christmas tree and found it within seconds! Literally. I only got one picture because it happened so quickly!
And then we went to church.
On Monday, I went to run errands out of town and met up with my best friend. We did what we had to and I stayed the night at my mom's with Mr. Noah. My mom and stepdad had just got their tree when I arrived, so I got to see them decorate it and all! And I found David and mine's old oranments! Yay!
Ladies and Gents, that says 2007! Whoo! We've been together forever!

My mom's excited to have Noah at her house!
On Tuesday, I really didn't want to leave. I had so much fun and didn't want it to end. So I took Noah out for a little date, we started with breakfast at Danny's Deli, where my little man shared his pancake with me for the first time!
Afterwards, We went for a walk on the pier. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I can't wait to move back!

And then we drove to David's moms house for a visit! We did so much! I love those days, especially when Noah's being a good boy and lets me. So today, Wednesday, I didn't get to do much because Noah woke up stuffed up and feverish. It's cold #2 of his life and I guess it's bound to happen so I'm just letting it run it's course and trying not to worry too much. I give him children's tyelenol, rub vick's on his chest, put saline solution drops in his nose and he's wanted me to hold him all day and sleep on my chest. My poor baby, It's hard to see him so weak and vulnerable.
So for the rest of the week I will focus on getting some things done and out of way for Noah's First Birthday because.......
I'm Going Back To School To Get My AA!
Yep! It's going to be tough to juggle baby and classes but I only have 4 classes left and I think I can do it! I'll be taking 2 beginning the first week of January and the other 2 in the summer and tada I'm done and maybe on the track for attending a University God willing this all goes right. I'm nervous and excited!
Alright, so now you know why I've been so busy and running around trying to get things done. I hope to still make time to myself and blog. I don't want to get caught up on everything else and forget about things that make me feel good. I can't wait! So , sorry for such a long post! Love you guys and thank you to my friends and family for all the amazing support!

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