Thursday, April 17, 2014

Filling Easter Eggs For Toddlers

I wasn't too sure about what do for Noah this Easter when it came to maybe doing an egg hunt for him until I  saw a great idea online. Obviously I didn't want to fill the eggs with sugary sweets or money (yet) for my one year old.  I want to give him something he can really enjoy when he opens the egg. So here's what I found and what we're filling Noah's Easter eggs with.

1.) Hot Wheels , Perfect! He loves these things! Granted not all of them fit in these size eggs but most do!

2.) Baby Goldfish Crackers

3.) Bunny marshmallows, sweet but not candy and very soft on the teeth!

Besides that, we put the Hot Wheels that didn't fit in the eggs, in his basket. In there we got him a fluffy lamb and a cute drinking cup with a straw.

 I can't wait for this weekend and to do Noah's egg hunt! It's going to be a good fun filled weekend!

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