Friday, August 1, 2014

Never Before Seen (photodump)

I thought it'd be a cool idea to post pictures I've yet to post anywhere else on here. There's so many I have to share! But I'll try not to make it too long! ~Photographer Problems~
I love instagram and posting on there but for the past year I keep the posting to a minimum, maybe one or two photos a day and sometimes I go a week without posting! So here ya go, some old, some new. Enjoy!

To Grandmother's House we go! Christmas Eve 

Christmas Morning!

Noah's cake on his Birthday. 

What David does on my phone

Bestfriends on their phone... Dear Lord.

He had never seen me with a face mask



Night time walks with our  


Caught him working

Doesn't happen a lot, but when he does surprise me with flowers, it warms my heart.

Best Friend's baby shower!

In case you wondered what David would look like pregnant.

When the house is clean and smells delicious.. My favorite

Some nights I just need to go for a ride and watch the sunset.

yep... he pooped in the tub... 

My Brother in law's birthday!
I took these photos for valentine's day and sent them out as cards. =) 

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