Wednesday, August 6, 2014

To Grandfather's House We Go!

This week, Noah and I are in San Luis Obispo visiting my dad. I love it here! We decided to have an adventure and take the train this time rather than drive, to change things up a bit. The train ride was so beautiful! There was a lot to see on the way! Fields of grass, cows and groups of deers wandering by the sea! It was so pretty! I was pretty nervous about having to deal with a restless toddler for 4 hours on a train but luckily he did pretty good and slept a lot of the way. And everyone on the train thought he was such a doll!

When we got there, my dad was already waiting with video recorder in hand =)

Noah knew exactly who grandpa was and ran up to him! =)

So yea, we've been here in town hanging out with my step sister and walking around different places. I just love it here. The town is so beautiful and there's so many fields of just grass and mountains and than the ocean is right next to us. We definitely would love to live here someday.

Cat nap before church on Sunday morning.

while at church.
After church, we went on a Costco run, and Noah, my dad and  I waited outside, playing with Noah. He was shrieking with excitement! We were playing Peek-a-Boo!

Enjoying the gorgeous view!
So peaceful here!

 On Monday, we hung out with my stepsister, walked downtown, ate pizza and she took me to the Laguna Lake which has apparently suffered from the drought so a lot of the water is gone. But the funny thing is that's it's even more beautiful now with the dried up mud. The news actually reported a on a car being found there since there isn't much water, they've discovered different things people have dropped or left in the lake!

It's been a good time so far! Today we're going to go to Solvang, we were there last year with david's mom and sister click Here to view our last time in Solvang.

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