Monday, August 11, 2014

At my Dad's Part 2

So last I left off, we were going to Solvang for the day. It was such a good time! So glad my dad took the day off of work to spend it with us! =) We walked around the cute dutch town and took lots of pictures. Noah was so interested in everything he saw! He did so well!

Noah walked so much! Well more like ran everywhere! It was fun! I love that my dad will chase after him and play with him and is so involved with all that he does. =)

It was the perfect day to be a tourist in Solvang =)
On Thursday we went to the San Luis Obispo Farmer's market in Downtown. They go all out there! I love a fun evening Farmer's Market, it seems to go so well in the summer time! On Friday we drove to Avila Beach to enjoy that Farmer's Market which is right on the beach and they have live music, people dancing crazy and lots of little shops. I love people watching!

Noah found two two year old twin boys and they all started talking to one another. Watch the video and see how amazed they are at the fire truck! =) hahaha

My Step sister and I


This boy loves some corn! =)

She insisted on a selfie.. ay

crazy dancing under the full moon


On Saturday, my dad made us breakfast and us girls and Noah went to a few yard sales to see what we could find. Boy did I score some good stuff! (I will post on that later!) We had fun. We came back home, I packed up and my dad and step mom drove Noah and I home. We stopped in SB for some italian food and kept on driving. 

I'm So happy to be back home with my hubby! 1 week away from him was more than enough! I have no idea how military wives do it, I know I'm a big baby when I don't get to see my boy in a long time. Saturday night David and I watched A Haunted House the spoof on Netflix and enjoyed some wine while Noah slept. That movie was surprisingly hilarious! 
On Sunday we went to church and hung out with his mom and family. He always has some type of "manly duty" to do at their house, this time it was digging a big hole and planting the potted lime tree they had in it. Whatever makes him happy. ha 
It's been a great week! I can't wait to see what new adventures this week will bring! 

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