Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yard Sale Finds!

I'm so excited about this past Saturday's yard sales finds! I don't usually go yard selling.. Saling.. sailing? whatever.
I don't usually go but since I was visiting my dad, I know that my step mom and sister love to go and I thought hey, why not. To my surprise, I found so much for so cheap! The first yard sale we went to (mind you we woke up late and went at 10:30 ish) was ready to shut down so the girl told me clothes was at 50 cents each! And that's where I found a lot of good stuff for me and for David! I have such a hard time shopping for clothes for David, he can be picky and men's clothes is too pricey to just go to waste. All the clothes I found was just his liking and his exact size! I was so excited!
The next two yard sales sucked.
But the one next to them, I found stuff for me! If there's one thing I HATE purchasing and trying on it's jeans. They're so expensive everywhere and they just never fit right. Well, I really scored and found some Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans for me ( oh, I had also found A&F jeans for David at the yard sale before!) I've never ever owned a pair and they fit a little loose but I love them! I also found another pair of jeans, 2 shirts, a cropped sweater and a dress! Yay!
We went to one more, I got Noah a good basketball for .75 cents and Candles for a dollar oh and a cute baby book for Noah. I Spent ten dollars for all of that and I'm so happy we got all that we needed and more!

We are super blessed to have all that we need and so much more thank's to God. =)

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