Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 31 2016

As most of you know, we don't quite do Halloween with our boys ever since becoming parents. David and I grew up trick or treating and even did so together in high school but something about everything changes when you have kids. It's a controversial topic, and like many, I try and avoid those. I just don't agree with the day being celebrated, even at a church, but I knew some things would change as Noah grew and became more aware of what everyone else was doing. So in our best efforts to "Not totally conform" to this world, we something fun for the boys which included:

  • making treat bags ( filled with goldfish and a couple of candies
  • surprising them with costumes (Babies R Us did us well, Noah's sully costume was $9.25 on sale and Levi's mickey costume was $8.75!) and these I could as dress up attire not just a costume for Halloween.
  • Cooking and baking many pumpkin foods.
  • and watched a couple of "spooky" movies : Toys story terror .
  • Oh! and we took them to the zoo, which had no Halloween festivities but we saw a couple other kids running around in costume, which is totally what I wanted.
Started the morning with some pumpkin pancakes!
Pumpkin Pancakes' Recipe Here

He loved them! And enjoyed his fruit as well!

Their treat bags, Obviously found the idea to make these on Pinterest , but I drew the bats out myself.
Treat Bag Idea Here

Happy Camper!

I know that as my children get older they'll want to do more and be a part of what other kids are doing, and maybe we will let them sometimes do some of those things, but for right now that we have the complete control and are able to mold their minds into fine young men, I want to do what we believe is best and safest for them. 

My sweet husband surprised us by staying home with us to enjoy the day together! Something I've always wanted! =D

Our little Social Noah, he makes friends everywhere we go!

This Gorilla was grumpy, I got to see him in action pounding on his chest and the doors!

They definitely enjoyed the day at the zoo, and so did we! We love it there!

We went back home and enjoyed watching a movie. I made pumpkin muffins that were Delicious!

Pumpkin Muffin Recipe Here

And then for dinner, I made stuffed bell peppers with little pumpkin faces! It was fun! 

So there it is, what we did on Halloween day. Even though we didn't go trick or treating or parade around everywhere wearing costumes, we kept it fun by keeping busy. Our boys truly had a great day and my heart was full! 

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