Monday, December 12, 2016

Let the Christmas Festivities begin! (catch up)

Holy heck it's been busy around here ! Been photographing a few families lately and loving it!
Noah had too much fun notifying the nurse every time he heard the "Beep!"

 Dr. appointments seem to run our lives lately, between regular check up with the boys and my monthly prenatal check up too! Also, believe it or not, I got a bad cold that lasted a whole week last week !

Wednesday we took them to the Ranch House to meet Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus! They've always been so good at meeting Santa. This year Noah asked for a big big flashlight. (he's been obsessed with flashlights since he was two)

Twenty Five weeks, say Whaaaa!?

Thursday Began decorating Christmas tree. Noah took charge and untangled the light and plugged them in. 

Thursday night we drove to our city's most lit up street and walked it. It was so fun and perfect! We've already been there 3x since!

Although we have been busy and I haven't been feeling my best (pregnancy this time around has been painful and not pleasant) we have made it a point to make time with the boys to celebrate the Holiday season! We love this time of year and so do our sons! The lights, the big trees and all the fun activities have them jumping with excitement for Christmas!

Friday night we celebrated our little sister's 17th birthday! It's crazy to think I've known her and seen her grow for ten years! She has such a fun character!
My mom and dad in law treated us all to Boccacio's, it's a fine dining restaurant in Westlake Village on the lake! So romantic and pretty!

Noah was too busy chasing the ducks lol

Saturday we took them to our city's Christmas Parade! They... well they loved it, for the first 15 minutes....
and then they got rowdy and couldn't sit still. Toddler life.
But we stayed for an hour so, pretty sure we almost saw all of it.

 A float handed out free windmills, which became our saving grace, so we ran and grabbed one for each boy! Highlight of the parade for sure!

Also met up with my clients to hand over their family photos I had taken. Yep I need to post about the pictures I've been taking lately. For now here are a couple. 

Saturday evening our friends Steve and Michelle invited us to walk that same lit up street with them and their daughters, that was fun too! It was cold and misty!
Sunday we went to church and enjoyed the Christmas Choir that the kids put on. There was even a Mr. Scrooge! Last year we had the Grinch. I can't wait to have my boys up there singing on stage for our Lord! 
Oh and that's a selfie because well duh I look good! hahaha jk. 

After church, we dropped the boys off at grandma's, and went grocery shopping real quick before meeting up to photograph our best friends for a fun little family shoot. They did so good and their kids were such little models! We had fun!
I asked Suzie to snap a couple pictures of David and I , showed her how to use the camera and look at how cute these came out! Thanks girl! I love them!

That sums up our weekend. We were busy and had fun! I love this time of year!

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