Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Update & Fun Family Surprise!

Our weekend looked a lot like this picture above.  We had planned on going to my dad's because our friends were throwing a BBQ for their daughter's birthday and they live on the same street as my dad.. buuuuttttt That didn't happen. Levi ended up getting sick and vomitting Friday a few times so we stayed in. Not complaining though, because it felt so so good to enjoy my family in our little home with a cozy fire going and Louis Armstrong playing in the background and kids running and laughing. It was a good weekend. 
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Enjoying my little baby. I cannot stop kissing him! I love his squishiness!

On Sunday we went to church. Levi was doing a lot better but slept in, which he needed but we were definitely in a hurry to get ready when he woke up. We made it just in time! I went into the Mother's room for the first time at this church, and fed the baby and let him lay on the sofa in there while I watched the sermon on the tv. It was so good!
The metaphor used for the sermon that stuck with me was : "Do you want to be the keurig version for Jesus? That is watered down, quick to make and doesn't really let the flavors set in? Or do you want to be the intriquette way of how coffee is made? Measured out in every ounce, spends time soaking Jesus in and allows for the coffee to really build in the cup?" Time with Jesus is needed and we need time to brew if we want all the "flavors" to soak in. To have that deep relationship with God it takes much effort on our part, not just a quick prayer here and there.

The Sermon was focused on 1John 3:9-11
After church, we came home, relaxed, ate lunch and watched a movie on my laptop while Noah and the baby slept.

Once they got up, I gathered a few items to take to Plato's closet and surprisingly walked out with thirty bucks. Not bad. But I'd still rather sell on Mercari.

Our Fun Family Surprise

We're going to Disneyland! I'm so excited to take our kids for the first time! We've been waiting on a good time to go and we're finally going next weekend!
I had won Disneyland tickets on the radio ( I have this thing with winning amazing prizes on the radio) around Christmas time, and I saved them thinking we could take Noah for his birthday. Well things came up, I was pregnant and miserable so we decided to wait until after I had the baby to be able to go. So, Benjamin's almost two months old, this mama is feeling better and we're finally going!

As excited as I am, I'm super nervous at the same time. We're taking a 4 year old, an almost 2 year old and a brand new baby that breastfeeds constantly. So I'll be on pinterest these next few days trying to plan out how to go about what rides to take them on and so forth. Any suggestions from mama's that have taken 3 littles to Disneyland, please message me! ha

I'm so excited! 

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