Tuesday, September 20, 2011

21 is more like being 12 for me..

HEehee, I'm twenty-one and I love it! I can officially do pretty much anything lol. I still have never been to a club or bar, but I have had a few drinks in a restaurant. =) My dad and step mom took me to lunch the weekend before and it was awesome! They gave me fried bananas with whipped cream on top and a candle! It was so precious and delish.
And the yummy fried bananas from Thai Peruvian Restaurant on main st. in Ventura.
Than on my Birthday day, Mr.McD surprised me with breakfast in bed and balloons all over our tiny place. it was sweet.
And at night, we went over to my mom's and ate yummy cake they had gotten for me from only the best... Portos Bakery! (It's a Cuban bakery in glendale and burbank) it was perfect! I enjoyed my day.
For the weekend my Hubby boy and I took a fun trip to Disneyland and California Adventure and ate turkey legs and sipped on sweet wine and went on fun rides.
It was a lovely Birthday thanks to my Husman and my awesome family. His mom and stepdad took us out as well to get my first drink. ahhhh yums!
My Amazigng brother sent me a birthday present from overseas ( he's a marine) and that's what the card said. lol Awe I miss him. Birthday was a great one!

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