Friday, October 28, 2011

A not so good Friday...

My Day is going by horribly.... It's just one of those days where nothing seems to go right and it's only 11:00 am! ;( Work is just not working with me today. A list of things that are not going too good:
  • I didn't get paid today..See marriage is great but the part no one talks about is the bundle of paperwork the wife has to do with everything ! Name change, bank account, cards, address, license, SS card, school information and W2 paperwork , Direct Deposit.... UGH! So because of this my direct deposit made it NO WHERE today...
    • Found a huge crack on my windshield this morning..
    • I have a headache from all the stressing..
    • Need to pay rent but with what money???
    • Didn't make it to Starbucks... which is most likely why everything is going sour .lol
But You know what? It's okay... I'm leaving it all in God's hands and I know that today will turn upside down and sideways to be a good day. =) Husband & I are planning to have a cute Date night tonight. We're going to grab some Mexican food at El Torito ( I love their chips and salsa and their Margharitas are pretty delish) and then we want to go catch a movie , Paranormal Activity 3! eeeeeek! I'm such a scardy cat at night but for some reason I always watch the worst things ! With my Man at my side I should be okay . <3
Yesterday My best friend Loops came over and guess what?! She got a puppy too! He's fluffy white and looks like a cotton ball and he's the same age as Cosby! Cosby & Wilson will be best friends for life! ha. So here are some recent pictures:

Aren't they the cutest?! They make good buddies. =)
Tomorrow is the Halloween party at our aunt's house so it's crunch time for my costume idea...hmmm I guess I will just stick with the sugar skull idea. I need to hit up a costume store asap! =) We are also meeting with our possible photographer for our wedding tomorrow she seems amazing  and very creative. We'll see how it goes. what an exciting weekend!

I want to go up up and away for a few hours... love this photo. It makes my imagination run wild!
Have a GREAT weekend Everyone!

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