Wednesday, November 2, 2011

woo hoo! What a good time!

This Weekend was such a good one! I enjoyed it to the fullest with my Husband. =) I love that we can have such a good time together. Let's start out with Saturday... Saturday was great! We got to meet with our wedding photographer Reya and oh my goodness I love her! She's super sweet and does an amazing job from what I got to see and the price is just right for us. I'm excited to be working with her for our special day. Although we are already married, she is still including engagement photos which will be very nice so we can display at our wedding! After meeting with her, we took Cosby over to my mother-in-law's house for some play time with their dog. I love going over there, its a fun time for me and the Husband and also for our pup! They were preparing for a Halloween party for the next day! Later that night we went over to our Aunt Jill's house for a Halloween party with a DJ and contests and all. It was great seeing the family and dressing up and guess what I did??? I painted a sugar skull on my face!

Haha He was a thug pumpkin, he had the pumpkin mask on but I didn't get a picture of it =( Everyone had such good costumes on !

Oh! I forgot to mention about Friday! We ended up doing our date night and it was a blast! I ate tortilla soup yummm.

Paranormal Activity 3 wasn't all that scary although I did look away for most of the scenes haha But besides that I found it to be rather funny!
On Sunday we went to church and it was awesome and then went over to the mother-in-law's for the party. It was fun being with all the little boogers.
And then spent the night baking and making little candy bags for the kids at our apartments. We also made delish tacos!

Thank God I learned right from my mommy . =)
Than on Monday, Halloween I half way dressed as Minnie Mouse for work .

That's my buddy Clark Kent ha he's a sweetheart, Guitar playing and singer for his church. Ladies, he's single so line up! lol Randall's awesome.
After work I went to my second job at the PhotoStudio to help with the promotion they had going on! I got to see plenty of little kids and babies in costumes ugh the sweetest things. Anywho, I'm glad that Halloween is gone and done. Now time for better things= Christmas!!!! ahhhhh!!! my fave I can't wait to decorate for it! I love this season.

Oh P.S The sugar skull Face painting idea I followed from Miss Jackie HERE  
although I did it from her facebook.  
Have a good Wednesday everyone! 

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