Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21 Weeks!!!

I can't believe I'm already doing a 21 week update on my pregnancy! My goodness I know I say it a lot but I cannot believe how fast this is all happening!
This past Thursday I had my 2nd trimester ultrasound where they inspect every little bone, organ and brain development on my little boy. And Thank God, Noah is doing so well and he's very healthy! =)

21 week update/symptoms:

Mood: Happy! Excited! And still Emotional! ~ I cried watching Walk The Line the other night. David on the other hand likes to make fun of my sobbing moments but still hugs me everytime and says how cute it is. ugh whatev. lol

Symptoms: Can you say Gas?! Ewwww. sucks but oh well, I swear it was Noah. ;) Also, constipation has never had a part in my life... Now it does. No fun! Sleep, I sleep like a newborn and so does Cosby. I feel a ton more energized though! And I love that I can finally be out and about for the day! Leaky boobs while I sleep=gross and not so fun.

Stretch Marks: still just on the sides of my hips, just a few and on breasts.

Gender: It's A Boy! Duhhhhh! ;) Ha. Now for sure we know he is a he and not a she.

Cravings: Chinese food, Sushi rolls, Burgers, Bagels, Coffee, Ice Cold Water, Fruit!

Maternity Clothes? Been rocking it for a couple months now. Although I do for the most part still wear my regular clothes.

Belly Button: Innie/ Outie? It's still an Innie, but it has morphed into a big, wide, deep innie!
Linea Negra, only on the bottom of my tummy.
Movement: Movement?! Are you kidding?! Noah is a hyper, dancing, boxer! Little McD loves to move and be felt! Daddy can now feel him moving too and I love waking up in the mornings to his tumbling skills! =D

David Snuck in a video while we were getting the Ultrasound. =) Hope it's not blurry, It looked fine on my phone, But you can see Noah flickin his head, using his thinking finger, and he even blows a bubble! I love my little boy!

If you're like my mom and wondering why the heck I've had what seems like a million ultrasounds, let me explain.
First one was to see if I was pregnant. Second one was to measure the heart rate, which we actually weren't able to, so they scheduled another a week after. (I was about 6 weeks than.) We had been going to a clinic because I still didn't have a doctor, and at the clinic they Only did ultrasounds and gave us information on what to expect. At about 14 weeks I still didn't have a doctor so I asked to go in to the clinic to make sure everything was A-OK. At 16 weeks I finally got a doctor but wouldn't have an appointment until a month later. At 18/19 weeks, David and I worried after a week of not feeling the baby, so we asked the clinic if I could be seen since my Doctor still hadn't scheduled an Ultrasound. Everything was fine. Than Finally I saw my doctor at 20 weeks, and he scheduled for me to have an ultrasound a few days after for the 2nd trimester check up.
I've been blessed that I've had so many chances to see my baby boy especially with this being our first, it's nice to know what is going on in there!

* Something else I've been doing lately is Nesting. I had never heard of Nesting before until my aunt came over and told me I was obsessed with cleaning and organizing! She told me, it's normal and it happens because the mother is preparing for the arrival of her baby. She did have a point. For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a ton of cleaning, organizing, washing and just getting ready! Today for instance, I steam Vacuumed the carpet in our apartment. And you know what? I loved it ! =) I love cleaning!
I also organized our bathroom .
Our little Bathroom Nook.
Have a box with the top full of medicine. The bottom, face wash, cleansers and body scrubs. Towels on the second shelf.
Hand Creams and Febreeze. Under this shelf is our ihome and ipod

Than below shelves I have a portable plastic drawer. On top of it I have this fishing box full of jewelry.
1st drawer: Most of my Makeup. 
2nd drawer: hair care
3rd drawer: My hair styling tools. 
Essentials By the Sink.
Our medicine cabinet is full of smelly stuff and face creams. I love perfumes and Sprays!
And our simple sink. 
At the moment I'm working on Noah's room. Organizing but we still need to get a couple things. Soon to come!

Yesterday we hung out at David's mom's house since his grandma and grandpa came down to visit from Missouri! It was fun! We hung out in the backyard and played like little kids. I always wondered what it would be like to hula hoop while pregnant and well, it's possible, but def don't have the momentum I used to! His grandma captured me in Action!

Anywho, that's it for my weekly update! =)

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  1. Susie, thanks for stopping by my little blog! :) Love your new look & I'm loving the baby updates! So fun to track your progress :)
    ~Fran J.