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Our First Wedding Anniversary

~August 16,2012~

Hey Everyone! Guess Who's been married a year?! This gal and her man!
We had such a great anniversary! Here's what we did:

I had made banana nut pancakes and eggs and also  chocolate chip walnut cookies!
While eating breakfast, we watched I Love Lucy, and perfect timing, It was their anniversary episode! aww
David had gotten Wednesday & Thursday off just to spend it with me on our anniversary! So we took advantage! My Ultrasound was actually scheduled for Thursday around 3pm so we decided to get our day full of adventures in on Wednesday. Being 5 months pregnant and all, we were kinda limited on what we could do. We figured nothing tooooo extravagant since we did just go to the Dominican Republic and we also can't spend too much since we have Baby Noah to spoil soon! ;) So we decided to go to the LA Zoo!
On our way! 
I Had never been there before and I absolutely loved it! It's huge there! And on a Wednesday there was hardly anyone there! It was perfect! My only complaint? The Heat! Man was it boiling that day! It was about in the hundreds with hot heat... We were there walking around and looking at all the cute animals for about 3 1/2 hours, so of course I swelled up... Not cute. Oh well it was still fun! Here's some of what we saw that day!

Aminals! Heehee =) It was so fun! I love anything animals and getting to see them up close! There was even an orangatang family with the mom, dad and the 1 year old baby girl! The baby was climbing up the cage and then hanging from it as if playing dead just to get the mom's attention! And then the mom was using a stick to grab plants from outside of the cage, pull them in and eat them! I suggested a plant and pushed it towards her and she actually saw, put the stick through the fence as if to grab the plant but instead she flung the stick towards me! hahahaha it was hilarious!
After we ate lunch, we walked around a little bit more and then I needed a break. I sat down and David reached for my foot, took of the shoe, the sock and rubbed them for me! What a sweet heart! I love my thoughtful man. He really takes care of me.
I had to document this rare moment ;) Proof! hahaha
That day we had also stopped by somewhere David had been dying to find.... the place where the show The Ofiice is filmed. Somehow he already knew around where it was near and he works in LA so he recognized different streets from the show and we ended up finding the Dunder Mifflin building!!! So we just HAD to snap some photos of us there.
You can see Dwight's car to the left! So cool!
That was neat getting to see the building we constantly see on TV! We even got to talk to a security guard and he was so nice and told us all about what they were filming that day and all. While we were talking to him we saw Meredith, Oscar and Erin >the redhead girl from Bridesmaids! it was so cool! They were all busy and walking to their cars and back and forth but it was cool seeing them in costume and all!

We left the zoo right at LA traffic jam hour. So that wasn't too fun. I knocked out on the way home and of course David took an ugly sleeping photo of me to wake up to. I'm soooo not going to share that ha
We stopped at our favorite sushi place Cho Cho San's in thousand oaks to take home food. (or to David's mom's I should say... pet sitting)
My Fave baked roll!

After dinner we relaxed and watched Parks and Recreation. It's a pretty funny show! I like it now. =) Amy Poehler is awesome in it. 

My Out and About with my Hubby makeup ;)

Thursday (our actual anniversary) We fed the animals, cleaned up since it was our last day pet sitting, and we went to our ultrasound appointment. At this ultrasound, they do the scan to make sure there are no abnormalities in baby's mental and physical development. So thankful to God that he's taken care or our baby Noah and everything looks good with his development. Nothing at all to worry about so we walked out of the appointment skipping and singing ;) lol
From there it was already about 4pm, so we went out to an early dinner/lunch. Since I got what I wanted on Wednesday, It was David's turn! And he wanted meat from Wood Ranch! 
Started out with Artichoke and chips and  bread rolls.
I got the Vegan/Not vegan burger lol It was good! but HUGE!  Ate half and I was DONE! 

David got some manly Tri tip! ;) YUM!
It was a romantic dinner full of conversations of the very beginning of our relationship and how much he used to like me and look at me and I didn't even know it! =D It's insane to think that he is that cute long haired boy from my physiology class back in High School! And it's crazy but I feel even more in love with him now than ever! 
Wood Ranch is right next to the mall in Ventura, so of course we had to let our food digest somehow, what better way than walking around in the mall?! ;) We always go to Macy's and spray ourselves with new cologne or perfume we haven't tried, so we did that and then went to the jeweler and I got my rock cleaned! bling bling! Than we went to H&M the store, and I tried on some cute dresses just for fun!
My Big baby boy.
Oh yes, let's go clubbing in this dress with this belly! hahaha 
I fell in love with this one .
David loved how the striped dress looked, so as an anniversary gift he got that for me. Oh and some cute nude flats! I had spoiled his surprise earlier in the week since I wanted him to enjoy it. I got him a gift card to Gamestop, he had been wanting a new video game. 

From the mall, we thought it would be cute to go back to the mountains in Ventura and recreate the time I first told him I loved him! It was a little hike but totally worth it. When we got to the top, it felt like it was yesterday we had been there. He got super giggly and I got butterflies! And we said I Love You, and he looked at me and asked me to marry him. ;) (even though we're already married). It was the best feeling ever! I Love my man! 
The Sunset from the Mountain

Joking around with my buddha belly!
In my eyes, this was the perfect first anniversary for us. It was very sweet and simple and very romantic! When we got home, we enjoyed a quiet evening with sparkling cider in our wedding wine glasses. It was so romantic! Noah was happy the whole time ;) 
Here's to Many More years to come together, and a life full of Joy, selflessness and pure Love. 
David +Susie= Forever! <3 div="div" nbsp="nbsp">


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