Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So I'm super excited for tomorrow! David and I are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary and going to have a fun day out! Our anniversary is actually Thursday the 16th but the doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound that day. So booo and it's right in the middle of the day so we want to have a full day of fun! Our place currently smells of delish chocolate chip walnut cookie goodness! David comes home tomorrow morning so I'm surprising him with a big breakfast and desert! =)

I'm so Happy to be married to such a sweet loving man of God. I love my husband and I cannot wait for so so so many more anniversaries to come! I feel so in love with him!
We've come such a long way and I'm thankful to God for us and for keeping us so strong. I love you babe, with all my heart. Thanks for loving me and for being such an amazing best friend that listens and cares for me.
So yesterday was our Doctor's appointment, pretty much just to listen to the heart beat and measure the fundus height. My blood tests results came out good, although I have a low Hemoglobin count and could have anemia, but it's not that big a deal. Just means I need more Iron. I've always had a low hemoglobin count though. I bruise super easily and when I get nosebleeds, it's something that doesn't stop for an hour or two, and trust me, it ain't pretty.  I remember once David and I (as teenagers) were kissing in his truck (Yes Just kissing lol) and I got a real bad nosebleed out of nowhere! David freaked and opened the door for me to lean my head out and the blood just kept coming out and coming out and he had no idea what to do all while I was super calm and trying to keep him calm since I was so used to it. It was funny ;)
So at the doctors they did more blood work, I got poked. I like my OB, he's very nice and caring and really listens and doesn't rush me.

Sunday was a fun day too! We went to Ihop for breakfast than to church, lovvveeeeddd the new songs they played this Sunday!

After church, David snapped a pic of my belly .

Sermon was of course real good too!

Than we met my mom and step dad at Red Robin's for lunch! their treat and boy was it good! David and I got salads since we had a a big breakfast. Lately I have a big appetite. I can eat all 3 meals in the day and full snacks in between!
After Lunch we all walked around the mall and of course we HAD to go to Bath and Body Works to "wash our hands and lotion them " and for sure I made David do it all too!
Such a good sport! ;)
We're still pet sitting, so I'm around animals every day until Friday. It's pretty fun! I like that all of them can be in one spot and get along! David's mom has a Tortoise, Cat, Dog, Frogs and there's always birds at the bird feeders outside. It's neat to see!
Curious Cosby! Staring contest with the tortoise!
I've been catching up on some much needed reading! I like this quiet time.
This is what David considers quiet time... Sleepy butt.
I've also found a new band I like, Christian band on Pandora. They're name is Gungor and they have an indie smooth sound. I really like them. =)
Hey Flo! 
Well it's late and I still need to paint my nails! I'll be catching up most likely on Friday. Have a great night!