Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Big 2-0! 20 weeks!


^ Is me crossing the halfway finish line ;) I, Susie McDaniels, am now a whopping 20 weeks pregnant! And I could not be more pleased with saying so! Being pregnant is pretty hectic, fun and all but I just want my baby to play with and care for already! God, Pretty please let the next 20 weeks go as fast as the first 20 weeks went, in Jesus' Name! Amen. heehee
This week I'll post about a few purchases I've made for the little Mr. .. Today I went over to my other family's house ;) and we met for bagels and coffee!
Delicious! We all sat and chatted and then we headed out on this super hot Saturday to scavenge things at yard sales. I don't usually go to yard sales but heck I felt like finding my baby some cute stuff! And that is exactly what I did! I think everyone knew I was on the hunt for baby boy clothes because just about every corner was a yard sale with little boy baby clothes and for real cheap and in amazing condition! We already have a good amount of mixed sizing clothes for little Mr. but you can never be too prepared from what I hear!
1. Car Seat head cushion 2. Onesises and beanies and mittens I found. 3. Plaid button up shirts to look like Daddy! 
.50 cents for clothes, brand new stuff, head support $3.00, brand new.
Don't make fun, I got this for David, I'm aware how  bad I look right here, just go with it. ;)
Perfect for hikes with baby! =-D $5.00 Brand: Snugli 
My Fave Find, This amazing Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag/ Purse! I've been wanting one but so not willing to pay $149.00 retail price. So I got this at a steal of $5.00! Five bucks! Really?!
was a little dirty but hand washed it than wiped it with anti bacterial and Good as New!

Go here to see their different bags! I also have a brand new Scout side diaper bag, thanks daddy!
Eddie Bauer never been used rocking thingy, $5.00. Perfect for when I need to jump in the shower or catch up on a good read! 
Brand New, weren't even opened until I got my hands on them, Recipe Box, and  Shopping list holder and coupon organizer! Love the design! and guess what?! both of those for only $1.00!!!
I had a blast finding all the neat things I found! I don't at all mind that these are not from a store, as long as they don't look faded and are cute and to my liking, I will get it! Of course there are things I feel MUST be bought brand new: Crib, Mattress, Pacifiers, Bottles, Strollers, and Mini Baths. But as for now, I've def scored! Noah is a spoiled monster and he's not even here yet!

After a day of being out and about in the super hot weather, we went back to my family's house and we relaxed for a bit.
I'm still pet/house-sitting until Friday, so I had to go back to the mom in law's house to check up on all the animals and after folding Noah's fresh Laundry and packing it, Cosby and I headed home. And we are pooped! Can't wait to show the hubby all the awesome things we got, he's just as excited to see them! Hope you all are having an amazing weekend, I actually can't wait for the weekend to be over so I can go to my Monday prenatal appointment and see how baby boy is developing! God Bless!

Cosby and Diggy the fat cat. 

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