Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm 23!

I'm 23 years old now! Surprisingly this was a good birthday year for me. I kind of always figured when you have kids, people could care less about your birthday but I was touched by how many of my friends and family made it so special for me. =)

For starters, the hubby came home on my birthday (from working his 24 hr shift) and surprised me by taking the weekend off to be with me! He came home bearing "gifts" and I put quotation marks for a reason lol

Here's what he had for me :

1. A beautiful blue orchid
2. Us magazine
3. 4 Revlon glitter polishes
4. Medicine ( I got the flu on my birthday, still have it now and still have no voice )
5. a pink glow stick
6. an eye patch (what the what what??!)
7. Sweet hawaiin bread
8. a beautiful card

I'm a pretty simple person to please, so this I loved. He made me laugh big time and he really put some thought into it. Years ago he used to surprise me for no reason with gifts like these all silly and fun and this brought back memories big time! I love my Silly man.

We got ready and headed on over to Denny's for breakfast. For my birthday I wanted to have fun and do as many free things possible you can do on your birthday . So I got ideas from Pinterest and found this site : Birthday Freebies

One of them was a free birthday breakfast from Denny's so that's why we went . It was nice!
After Breakfast I went to get my nails and toes done. I hadn't gotten my toes done since mother's day and my nails, forget about it, it had been way too long! It was so soothing!

I got a lot of cards from my mom, dad, mom in law and cousins! I got two gift cards ( Sephora + Forever 21) and a couple hundred bucks! yay!

David and I also upgraded our plan and finally got iphone 5's! Yay! We both had ancient phones that we had been using to save money. By ancient I literally mean no camera or touch screen! I don't know how we survived without the iphone lol 

Later on that night we got dressed up and the three of us went to dinner at Claim Jumpers. I wasn't feeling too good, with my achy body and sore throat and Noah was super fussy too. Dinner was actually sucky since my taste buds weren't so good, I didn't end up eating at all and they even comped our dinner because of it but they still brought me a red velvet cupcake which was super sweet!

Noah got into my cupcake, didn't eat it,  just decided he wanted to play with it and make a mess!
It was a good day!

The Following day, Saturday the 14th, I had a babyshower to go to for my dear friend Kirby who is having a baby girl in October! The baby shower was held at the Hyatt in Westlake (foo fooo! pinky up! ) and it was just gorgeous!

For her gift, I got 3 onsies from H & M and then bought 3 iron ons and ironed them onto the onsies. Total Cost $15.  I also got several headbands and bows and diapers to go along.

Cute right?! I loved making them! All of my friends and I have boys so doing something for a baby girl was so fun and different! Loved it! Here are some pics from the shower:

While I was having girl time at the shower, David and Noah were visiting grandpa at work at the Westlake fire department! Here's what I recieved while at the baby shower:

David's Dad

After the shower, we went to the mall to walk around and I bought a couple things.
And a couple bath fizz balls from the new store Lush. I absolutely fell in love with that place!

On Sunday, we had a lazy day since I was still groggy, and didn't leave the house till about 2pm to go shop a little at the mall. I went to Sephora to use my Gift card and to clinique to get a beautiful lipstick I had seen on pinterest ( Black Honey) and to my surprise I got a free 7 pc gift with it so big time score for me!

Noah's hand at the top left lol 
I also bought David some protein for his shake and got myself nose rings from Icing.
When we came home, we finally decided to dig into the Ice Cream Cake that my mom in law had gotten for me for my bday and omg it was pure heaven! It was so yummy!

I couldn't even finish a full slice it was so good!

On Monday ( still sick) we decided to go over to our cousins house and cook some Thai pizza for them. It was fun! Noah got to pal around with his cousin Maddie and we got to hang out and munch on food!
awww I love this one! Noah watching out for his baby cousin!

A huge thank you to all of you for making me feel so special! It was a wonderful day and I really felt the love! =)

Who says birthday's after 21 aren't fun?! heehee

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