Thursday, December 19, 2013

A *Ruff* Morning

 Hey friends!
So yesterday morning, Noah and I had quite the adventure. We went for a walk in the neighborhood, and as we were turning the corner, I heard a whining sound coming from across the street. I looked over and I couldn't believe what I saw!!! A little pup was hanging by his back legs off a gate! The mommy and daddy barked excitedly when they saw me walking up, I let them sniff my hand before I even attempted to help the puppy and they immediately licked my hands. As I reached for the puppy, 1 , 2, 3 than 4 other puppies escaped from the gate! hahahaha! They jumped all over me and licked me and Noah squealed and when they heard him they attacked him with licks and kisses! It was so sweet. The puppy I got out of the gate, had thrown up what looked to be like a couple times and when I set him down, he couldn't walk. He limped.

I rang the doorbell of the house and no answer. I had even rang it before helping the pup because I didn't want to alarm anyone but no one answered.
I went to the stroller and tried to control all the puppies and finally someone opened the door! I thought I was going to have to take them all home with me until later! The old man was so appreciative, he was using a walker so he couldn't move much and everytime I put one pup indoors, another would get out. Hahaha! He told me to come back, he wanted to give me one of his puppies hahaha ! Sweet man.  I would So love to have a big dog, but I know it would be too much for us with Noah, Cosby and me starting school and HELLO, we don't even have our own place right now.. =(
So Yea that was our "Ruff start of the day" .

Later on in the, Noah and I got dressed and headed to the library. I let him play in the play section and I read him a few books. I got him several cute baby books and me some mommy books.

I Love seeing him play especially when he goes up to other kids and tries to play with them. =)

When we got back home, I had to stop and take a picture of the sky! The sunset was so perfect and pink! I Love it!

5 More Days until Christmas Eve!!!!!

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