Friday, May 16, 2014

Lauren Conrad's Reading List

I Recently looked up Lauren Conrad's reading list on pinterest. First off you know that anything LC suggests is gunna be right on point 👌. I was pretty excited to head over to my local library to find a good read and so thankful the books were available! I'm pretty sure I'm following an older reading list maybe from the fall but I don't mind. 
WIFE 22: I am sucked In! This book is so good and so intriguing ! It is meant for more of an older audience since the main character is in her 40's but I find myself relating to all of the characters in the book in one way or another. I'm already half way through it, I can't seem to put it down! 

The second book I checked out is : The Language of Flowers. From the description in the back it kind of reminded me of the book White Oleander which I was obsessed with , so I'm pretty excited to start reading this one. The cover is captivating enough! 

Those are the two for now, it's been years since I read a good book for fun and actually read the whole thing. One of my goals  I set for myself this year was to read more. With class being done now ( I took my final on Tuesday!) I can do some things for myself and truly enjoy summer ! So you can find me at the beach with one of the books from Lauren Conrad's reading list in hand ! :)

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