Friday, July 11, 2014

Our 4th Of July 2014

Can't believe it's been a week already since 4th of July weekend! I can't believe summer is already half way over! Boohoo! If only it would last forever, well not really cus I really really  like winter and Christmas and oversized sweaters! =)

Our fourth of July was very calm this year. The only plans we had were to go over to Suzie and Jessie's place (our ex apartment neighbors) and barbecue burgers and hot dogs and watch fireworks. During the day, we had planned to go to the parade and walk the street fair in Ventura but we found no parking at all and drove around for an hour just looking! So we gave up and just went home. I took a nap which NEVER  happens! I'm usually to busy trying to get Noah to sleep that by the time he does fall asleep I'm wide awake and ready to do something..
We did dress Noah up in flag colors and I dressed up too.

Me and suzie got matching shirts from the Christian Family store. I love mine! I cut it to make it more summery. 

At Suzie's, we watched a movie while we ate and waited for Fireworks to start. The neighbors brought their own and literally put on a show for Fillmore! I loved it !

Noah on the way to Suzie and Jessies! Don't be fooled, he was ready to party as soon as the car stopped.

Pool party for the kiddos!
The Boys did a good job cooking the meat! It was delish! Me and Suzie made guacamole and prepared the burgers. Suzie is about to have baby number 2, I give her props for being so active in this hot heat! She didn't complain once!

Enjoying the view of the parking lot firework show from upstairs! 

Hahaha! That's how we do in Fillmore!

So ten min to 9, we walked on over to the park, but made it half way because they started the show early! So we just stayed put on a street parking lot and watched from there!

My little sweet boy. These simple memories make the best ones. He loved the fireworks, couldn't get his eyes off of them. Same as last year when he was 6 months, he didn't cry once, just kept quiet and watched the lights in the sky. I can't wait for many more years of this!

A year Ago . 

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