Wednesday, October 1, 2014

One of Those Days..

I know I don't blog as much as I'd like to but things always get in the way and I'm sure you all know how it feels to not do something after a couple days, you just get in the habit of not wanting to do it... well that's how I am with blogging, if I stop blogging for a couple of days, than I feel unaccomplished and lazy and than It just drags out.  Anyways that's where I'm at.

So yesterday started out the same as always, me and Noah got up at 8, relax in bed ( also known as jump all over mommy's face and pull mommy's hair out for Noah), get up make coffee and make him breakfast, let it cool and make myself breakfast than eat. Than it's on to cleaning and what not. He always helps me out when I clean, its cute.

Anyways later in the day, David's mom invited us to go raspberry picking at the Underwood Farms here in town. I've always wanted to do that ! But let me just say this, It's definitely not as "pretty" as all those eclectic bloggers make it seem. It was hot, I wore sandals (bad idea because there's branches with thorns all over the ground), there's Bees and bugs everywhere ( I'm terrified of bees)  ick!
Although I'm complaining, It was fun and different. It was so cute seeing Noah pick blueberries and put them in the container.

Coolest Sandbox ever!

So all of this was a good part of the day. After picking we got Wendy's, I couldn't believe Noah finished everything from his kid's meal!

Still not the bad part...
So afterwards, I took Noah to the Library for storytime while daddy slept. I don't know why I keep taking him, he's too little still to know what sitting still means. That or he's asleep during story time. So of course this time he was rowdy and distracting. Climbing up on the steps and "bugging" other little kids. ( He was saying Hi to some 7 year old girl and she complained to her mom that Noah was bothering her... snoot) I chase him around, tell him to sit down, grab him even though he screams and wiggles out of my arms but of course the one time I couldn't follow him around the steps he was climbing on (people were sprawled out so I didn't want to be in their way) he stepped back without looking and fell from two steps above, landed on his head and neck.... I ran to pick him up, he was screaming and everyone was just starring. He was completely fine, not a bump or bruise in sight. It's one of those moments you feel ashamed, embarassed and like everyone is looking at you and thinking, what a horrible mom... That's exactly how I felt. I grabbed all our stuff and carried Noah out. I'm so glad he was okay and nothing happened to him.

Bad boy part two..

So after leaving the library, I had to go to Target for baby wipes. We were walking around looking at everything like I always do. He was surprisingly being good and calm. I really had to go to the bathroom, so we went. While I was going....(tmi) I let Noah just stand and wait, and he thought it would be a good idea to unlock the bathroom stall door and fling it open! That's exactly what he did! And lucky me, there was a lady standing right there! hahahaha Oh man!
I'm glad Noah know's what "close it" means because that's what I kept yelling until he did. So embarassing!

I know some days are going to be harder than others, and even though it feels like I can't handle it at times, I know things like this will be something to laugh about later. Motherhood is lovely ain't it?!

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