Thursday, April 2, 2015

32 Weeks Pregnant!

On Sunday I marked of another week of pregnancy, 32 weeks to be exact. I'm Happy to say the 3 hour glucose test I had to drag Noah to came back completely normal, no gestational diabetes here! Praise God for keeping me and baby Levi healthy. Another thing to be super thankful for is Mr. Noah and how cooperative he is when it's just he and I running errands. I was super anxious about having to take him with me to the appointment since it meant 1. waking him up early 2. keeping him as busy as can be for 3 hours and 3. He's very full of energy so I was hoping he wouldn't be too rowdy for other patients there waiting.
bored at the office haha

He did Great! My little trooper sat on my lap or next to me the first hour. He ate his breakfast I had brought with me, watched Clifford, read him a couple books and colored. The second hour he started to go up to every kid he saw and would than recruit them to join in on his great idea of running and playing inside the waiting room. It wasn't too bad or loud. But when he did get a bit loud, I decided to take him outside and let him run by the water fountain. The third hour, there weren't as many kids coming in so he would go up to other grown ups and start conversations. Luckily everyone kept telling me how cute and handsome he was so I figured he wasn't being annoying.

Appointment Update:
My appointment on Monday went great as well. Baby's heartbeat is strong in the 160's, my weight is normal. I've gained 19 pounds this pregnancy.
As huge as I feel, I don't have any new stretch marks, just the same as with Noah and they're clear so hopefully they stay that way. Here's to wishful thinking!

Maternity Clothes:
Currently, the regular jeans I've been wearing are not cooperating as much anymore with my growing hips ;-( so I might have to invest in a couple maternity jeans from Old Navy or just opt for flowy dresses and skirts.

Rings: on/ off?
Rings would be on except Noah thought it would be a great idea to play with mama's wedding rings (which I leave on my nightstand at night) and he dropped the diamond one and I have not found it! It's in my room, probably under the bed but I have not seen it. He keeps reminding me that I lost the ring... he says "mama , ring lost in the bed?" and I have to tell him "no baby, you lost it and you better save your pennies starting now to get me a new one!" hahaha

Also, the one I've been dreading.... leg cramps! So far only one when I woke up this week. Man that was painful.
Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and cramping.

Give me cheesecake, donuts, chocolate, cereal, EVERYTHING! Don't worry all in moderation ;)

Honestly, a little moody. I'm just over it. Sorry not sorry. "Keep calm I'm 8 months pregnant" shirt needed!

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