Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter 2015

A little late on posting about Easter but here it goes!
This year was so much fun and so special because our little guy has a better understanding of what's going on now and knows how to have a good time!
We started by going to church for our Easter service, we invited our good friends. The church was packed, and the worship team was on "fleek"! ( hahaha ... no I don't seriously use that "word"... can we please go back to using proper grammar?! )
No but really the worship was incredible!
After service, we got the kids for the childcare and headed outside to the bounce houses and egg hunt the church was hosting. 

Noah absolutely loved jumping in the toddler bounce house! My little wild man knows how to have a good time with anyone!

For lunch we went to Toppers Pizza and ate there and than headed to a nearby park to give our kids an egg hunt and their Easter baskets.

Obviously the eggs weren't super hidden, we had the guys kind of just spread them out on the grass and the kids looked for them. They did so good! Noah just followed along to wherever Micaiah went at first but than he got the hang of it.

My mom, stepdad and aunt showed up later to the park to give Noah his Easter toys and than we all headed on over to our apartment to have some quality time together. Easter was great this year! Crazy to think that next year I'll have another little munchkin around and Noah will be running around with his little brother looking for eggs. 

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