Thursday, September 24, 2015

Levi 3 Months!

A month late but I promise I took these photos on time! Wah! Slow down time! My baby keeps growing and growing!

What's New?

  • Head is much Stronger, he can sit up with mommy holding his hands
  • Laughing! You laugh now! And I love it!
  • You have a good grasp little guy! You love pulling on mommy's already thin hair!
  • You found your feet!
  • You smile when you see mommy or daddy or hear Noah laughing.
Length & Weight

  • 17.0 pounds 26 inches long
I think you are teething already. You've  been fussy and don't latch on for long but you sure to love to grab onto my hands and chew on them. We've bought you some teething toys and those seem to be your new favorite, especially those teething keys!

You're a very happy boy and we love you so much! You have brought so much happiness into our lives! Noah is constantly asking about you and asking " Awhy gonna walk?" I have to explain several times a day that you cannot walk yet but soon you will both be playing outside together!

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