Friday, September 11, 2015

One Last hoorah for Summer!

Hello September! When'd you show up?! I'm pretty behind on vlogging and blogging. Basically, I just fail. No excuses. haha

So here are a few snippets from the last weekend in August which we spent at the beach and pool with friends and family!

I just love that my boys are total beach bums just like their momma! Levi is more like David right now, he doesn't like to get in the water, he'd rather just lay back and relax and enjoy the water from a distance and under some shade. Noah on the other hand, at 3 months he was in the water with me! Huge difference but I love that they are calmest at the beach.

Found this heart shaped rock and I thought of  David. Cheesy, I know but I thought it was cute. =)

This was the following day Saturday August 29th at the pool at our Sister's. I love this photo, Noah and Mason were having so much fun! They went on the donut with Amber and Noah insisted on bringing the semi truck in with them.. haha!

"ay ya yay"

"What up now mom?!"


 Sunday we went for a drive to Santa Barbara. I just wanted to see the pretty views and walk around and than David insisted we keep driving, how could I say no to an adventure?! =) So we drove to Pismo. Stopped at the outlets to breastfeed and walk, and guess who we ran into?! Miss Maddie! (Noah's cousin and Sarah, Josh and little Chase!) It was the funniest most randomest thing! I loved it! Too bad it's hard to walk around and talk in a group of four kids and four adults. But it was still nice to spend a couple hours with family.
I didn't capture it, but Noah was in on the emoji face too! Hash tag fun family! jk

Than, we got hungry. So we kept driving, and ended up in San Luis Obispo! The man wanted mexican food so we went to Taco Roco, our favorite there and man did it live up to our needs! We than walked around and just enjoyed the day. My dad and family was actually out of town that weekend which sucks but we'll prob be over there very soon. We love it there!

Pretty sure my dad did that last time we took Noah to the gum wall. 

COMPARE: Noah and Levi's first time at the GumWall

And that was that. It was fun. Its the simple things we do together that I enjoy the most. I love my family. 

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