Monday, January 4, 2016

The Week Before Christmas!

Week before Christmas was all about having the Christmas Spirit and doing fun family things! We did plenty of driving around to look at fun Christmas lights on houses, hung out with friends and family , drank hot cocoa and baked my booty off. (or on I guess you could say lol)

 Snapchatting our fun while in Moorpark. People went all out decorating their houses here! So fun!

 Our Friends and their babies came over to spread the Christmas Cheer!

 Who taught Levi how to open presents???

 Went a little nutz baking a fun little treat box for David and mine's friends and also for having our sister and her boyfriend over the following night for pizza , treats and a movie!

 Babies! How is it that we always have babies around the same time? I love it! ;)
 During the day, before we had our sister come over, I went and visited with my girlfriend and the boys had so much fun!

 Our sis, her sweet boyfriend, Mason and our boys.
 Early the next morning (Saturday) I signed up to help at our church with the Christmas shoppe. They ended up not having as much help as they needed so I drove back home (2 min away from church ) and asked David to come help. Without a doubt he said ok so we quickly gave Noah a bath, got the kids ready and left them upstairs in the church where they were watching the guest's kids. They were so happy to watch our boys! Everyone said Levi was so good and slept and was so happy and so was Noah!
 Doing this felt amazing , and also felt good to not have to worry about the boys. David and I were both doing our own thing but when we'd finish , we'd talk and catch up and it was amazing being able to talk without being interrupted. We kept saying this was like a date in disguise! We left feeling so good, it truly was rewarding.

 The following morning at church!

 Noah sleeping on his Grandma;s house.

Levi fell asleep on my hand. 

Onto Christmas!

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