Friday, February 24, 2017

Flirty Maternity Pictures

Oh man! Here it goes! So as always, I had it in my head that this time I would professionally get my maternity pictures taken and it was going to have a certain look and I was so excited.... and than life happened. We moved, we spent a lot of money on the move, we've been busy and so on. So I asked my sweet willing husband if he would mind taking some fun maternity pictures of me to remember this pregnancy. He did such a great job! We were literally giggling the whole time and had fun! I haven't been brave enough to post these anywhere else, maybe I'll post on instagram in the future but for now I'll just keep them on here.

Take note, mom, dad, brother... if you don't want to see me in a bra and shorts, look away. ;)

The lighting wasn't great but I still love the soft feel of these photos. Thanks baby! oh and we have some silly ones too..

According to David, this is what I always look like. (eye roll emoji)

Baby number 3, we love you so so so much and can't wait to meet you!

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