Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! What a sweet day! Literally! It's 9 pm and my kids are still on a sugar high from the treats I had for them earlier in the day! We had a good "Loving Day" as Noah likes to call it, here at home. I had our living room slightly decorated for them, we ate breakfast and afterwards I gave them a little candy gram =) Than I had to at least attempt to have a mini Valentines Day photoshoot with my boys and let's just say .... well, we got a few good shots! Oh and I cut their hair today , figured, might as well have them look nice while we're taking some cute pictures! ;)

I love this picture of the two of them! Since moving into our new place, these two have grown so close to one another! It's a brotherly bond and I absolutely love it! Noah is so nurturing to him! I can't wait for our third to be here and be a part of this bear club they've got going on!

And than there are these photos. Let's just say we got a taste of Expectation VS Reality haha

This was David and I yesterday. We got some alone time (doesn't happen much), I had a prenatal apt and we spent time together afterwards being out and about and talking without any interruptions! It was such a good little date and I loved it! 

Today, he really surprised me by coming home with a big red gift bag full of treats for me! He had a dozen beautiful roses, chocolates, a big Card, a beautiful butter dish that I'm in love with and Bibs for our new baby boy! He bought something for our boy! He really went all out for me and I cried, I was so happy.
We plan on spending more alone time tomorrow while our kids go to grandma's house and we go to another appointment. I can't wait !

oh and for our V-Day dinner, we got drive-thru Wendy's. haha . Hashtag parents of two toddlers life.

Took a giant belly selfie, 35 weeks tomorrow and feeling done. So done. It's large and in charge.

Some super duper exciting News! My Favorite cousin is now engaged! Oh my gosh our family is so freakin' excited for the two of you! We cannot wait for what's to come!

It was a great day! 

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