Sunday, February 12, 2017

Packing & Moving

Ok so we'll start out with the cute pic of me going to church with the boys. This move happened super quick and almost out of no where. Obviously we had been on the hunt for a a few months but when we got the call saying we were accepted as new tenants for our new place, we had less than one week to move into our new place and we had to be out of our apartment by the first of February!

We had been at our apartment for almost exactly 3 years on valentine's day! So much has happened since living there. We were so blessed to have been there, paying rent that was affordable and being close to our family. A little piece of me will miss this apartment.

So with so little time, I tried to pack most things while David was at work, which was super hard being so pregnant and trying to keep the littles entertained while doing so. David would than come home and pack his side of things or things I couldn't reach. =)
He actually ended up working a side job both Saturday and Sunday, just two days before we moved , so I had to buckle down and pack up our place.( Hence the Church picture above without David)  It's insane how much stuff we actually had and could fit in that small 900 sq ft place.

On Monday, David woke up super early, picked up a rental moving truck and he and his two pretty awesome friends loaded absolutely everything into the truck and drove two hours to get to the new place, unloaded it and drove 2 hours + back! We are blessed to have had their help! Don't worry, I didn't lift any boxes or anything.

My amazing Mother in Law was sweet enough to take both boys early morning so that they would be out of the way while loading and cleaning our stuff.

Boys. David and his two friends and our boys.

So this is at our new place.

I than picked up the boys from their grandma's house and they said their goodbyes and we took off to our new place.
Not going to lie, I panicked when I arrived. Everything was everywhere.. many things in the wrong rooms and all I could think about was that I would be alone until late night when David would come back home. I needed to think of how to get the kids ready for bed with their things everywhere and in different places, and to make something for us to eat.

I ended up letting them play outside, crying a couple times because guys, I'm so emotional now and feel like the world is always caving in on
but seriously, I was pretty frazzled. I "manned up" and made soup with our cooler food because there wouldn't be a fridge for over a week and we had our nice dinner together. After eating, I pulled that twin mattress in the picture below into the empty nursery, plugged in the little tv and let them watch their show until we all fell asleep together. And David came home around that time as well.

It was a pretty weird and stressful first week, but we got through it. And we got through it without a fridge, washer and dryer! I'm definitely not going to make it seem like it was easy because it really wasn't. It was a weird lonely feeling knowing my husband is far away at work, I'm in a new city by myself with my two toddlers and growing belly and growing aches and pains but I'm blessed with my best friend messaging me almost daily to check in and my mom and dad and mom in law as well. It's feeling more like home and I like it. =)

A huge thank you to Joseph and Jose for helping us for hours to move our stuff and being so kind! And A big thank you to their wives for letting them do so! I know it took time out of them being home for dinner but we truly appreciate all the help!

And thank you to David's mom for watching the boys and loving them so hard that they have nothing but amazing things to say about being with you and their auntie and grandpa as well!

We've had wonderful guests visit since our move and that makes me feel so at home and in peace! Thank you Linda, Danny, Mom and Rudy, David's mom, Daddy and Estela for taking time out of your day or days to drive over and be with us! We love you all!

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