Thursday, February 9, 2017

Our First Rental Home (empty house tour)

What a busy couple of weeks it has been! 18 days since I last blogged and so much has happened! I'm so excited to share that we are all moved out and moved into our new house! It's been quite a different transition we're still getting used to but it's been great! I'll get more into the details of our moving day but for now I am excited to share the photos of our new place before we moved in!

Hello there Handsome! I won't show the front of the house for security reasons but this is the front door.

 Immediately when you walk in, to your left is our kitchen. Renovated. This is a house built in the 1940's but the renovated kitchen really gives it a great feel!
 Something I always wanted was Good natural light in our home. We've got it now! =)
Beautiful countertops! 

 This rental didn't come with a fridge or washer and dryer but all the hook ups are there.
 This door leads to the side yard. 
 From the kitchen this doorway (with no door) leads to our dining room.
 and to the right of the dining room is our living room with a fireplace.
 From the living room you see this door way that is a room with another fireplace. This will be our baby's nursery.
 Jack and Jill doors.

 That little cabinet and and all the windows was what made me immediately think of having this be the baby's room.
 This is another room. This will be Noah and Levi's shared room. Their jack and jill door that leads to the baby's room.
 door to the right is the front door. There is a hallway door that we mostly leave open. It leads to the 1 bathroom we have and our rooms.

 It's a pretty small bathroom but it's cute.
 From the hallway past the bathroom, that is our room. Our "master" if you will.

 Our vintage closet. I've grown to love this closet over the past week. This room is the biggest we've ever had for ourselves. It's not big but it sure does have the perfect amount of space.
 And this is our Living Room. It's spacious, has great light coming through and a fireplace! For years I would tell David " Our next place has to have a backyard and a fireplace!" and look, now we have a huge backyard and two fire places! God sure does spoil us!
 Living room, the door leads to the backyard.
 Our little back porch.
 We bought the boys a little trampoline I found on Craigslist for $25! You bet they're on it as soon as the sun comes out!

There it is! Our little house tour! We are so excited and nervous and ah! Don't even know how I feel but we are happy with this new adventure of living somewhere new in a house and just doing something we needed to do for us. Our boys are so happy having the space they have now! We've been praying for something to come through for us and this is the year that we have been answered. It's not a permanent move, but it is good for now. 

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