Friday, March 3, 2017

Meet Coco McD

Welcome the newest member of our family! Little miss Coco!
She is a Queensland Healer, and we got her just a week ago at 8 weeks old.
This little ball of fuzz has been such a fun addition to all the new changes around here! We are all enjoying her little sass butt trotting through our new house.

Trust me, I've heard it from plenty of our family saying how crazy we are to be adding more poop to our cleaning list... hahaha but one thing we knew we wanted when we had a house was a dog.

My best friend's mom was selling her pups and I asked Suzie about one. She said that for me it would be free and we couldn't pass her up!

So my train of thought with getting Coco just weeks before my due date is, getting the boys used to having a dog around and trying to potty train her all before the baby gets here. I can't see myself being home alone, trying to train and have a newborn at the same time along with two toddlers. So far it's been going good. She has accidents but is learning to pee on the puppy pads during the night or she'll cry for us to take her out. So we're close to getting her potty trained. The boys are a bit rough with her. Not in the sense that they're mean but they love her so so much they want to squeeze her and kiss her hard. And well, she's tiny and fragile still so it'll take a little bit of time to get them to be more and more gentle. I'm also showing them that with small living things you have to be soft and kind so hopefully they know to be more gentle with the baby.

Queensland Healers are a great fun family dog to have around. The thing that sold me on having this type of breed is that they are very protective dogs. Being in a new city, far from people I know or things I know, I wanted a dog that would look out for our family while being here alone. They are very energetic dogs and are known as the Australian Cattle Dog, they are a herding animal. We used to have an energetic dog, Cosby, and we loved him to death! We are an active family so for us that kept us entertained.  We weren't able to keep Cosby because our than landlord wouldn't allow for us to get the apartment with a pet so he stayed with my father in law. But now having a yard and kids that love to play, I don't see Coco being bored or too crazy for us. (fingers crossed)

 Learning how to go up and down steps. She cries while trying to hop up a step.

That's Coco! Our Family has grown before our 3rd baby's even arrived and it's been fun!

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