Friday, March 10, 2017

"F My Life" 38 weeks with Baby Number 3!

3 F's in my life
Feeling: Fat, Fatigued and Fiesty.

Nope not carrying triplets, nor twins... theres just one in there. I do tend to get a big belly with pregnancy but it's usually accompanied with a larger body too! Well, don't get me wrong, thees plenty of cottage cheeseyness on my thighs to go around but ... I'm not as big body wise as I was with the other two.

Yesterday we had our 3rd ultrasound to measure baby since with gestational diabetes babies tend to get big... well to our surprise, baby is measuring in at 7.5 lbs! So what the heck?! Maybe a lot of amniotic fluid again? I don't know, but my belly feels so heavy and causes me so much hip, back and lower body pain. It's hard for me to go from sitting to standing.

In just a few days I will be 39 weeks and my doctor might induce than. Fingers crossed, I am ready to get this boy out!

In other news, We bought and installed baby boy's carseat!
It's tight in our little Nissan Sentra, but it'll do for now.
It's feeling more and more real that he'll be here in just days!
My hospital bag is packed and loaded. Just need to pack the boys' bag for staying at grandma's house for a couple of days and we're good.

Also been selling a lot on different apps to try and save and buy this beautiful and functional diaper bag

Isn't she lovely?! ha I want this so bad! And with three littles, the backpack style is perfect!

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