Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekend Sum Up!

Guess where we went this past weekend??? Palm Springs! Let's see how can I explain this relation.... David's step-mom's mom ... It was her birthday and they were throwing a party for her on Saturday. We drove close to 3 hours to get to her place but when we did, Man was it pretty! The mountains were covered in snow and the sun was out and shining ! It was a very pretty day for a party!
Now most people don't know that David works 24 hour shifts and for him to have a day off like Saturday, he has to work 48 hours straight! So for this occasion he worked 48 hours and came home that Saturday morning, showered, ate got ready and we took off! Poor guy. He was a good sport tho and had a great time. There were a lot of people there when we got there. Most were David's step-grandmother's family and friends. As a surprise his cousin showed up (they're super tight them two!) and it was so cute to see the bromance going on between them. hahaha
McDaniels' Kisses

His uncle was also there with a baby niece and David's Grandma also showed up! It was a sweet reunion!
Only thing I didn't agree too much about that day were my choice of pants.....ughhhhhh you know when there's a big day and of course you pick out something nice to look good for that day... well I had gone to the store to get a simple cute little outfit and picked out a colorful striped top and white jeans... the white jeans were about 3-4 sizes too big but when I tried them on they felt loose comfortable and thought eh I can pull it off ( I really wanted white jeans) ... um NO. Bad choice. The whole car ride to palm springs I kept tugging and pulling and Not liking how they were feeling. All photos of me that day showing my pants look horrid. Talk about saggy crotch and butt and make my hips look wider than ever! Ewwwww... Moral of the story... White pants are cool but make sure they fit your body well ... Susie you dumb girl!
I got them at TJ Maxx so I returned those nasty pants and got Cosby a nice pillow instead. So now memories of that day I'm stuck with looking big and frumpy next to all the family.. and we did take family photos so that's not going to be pretty..
I tried to sit as much as possible to avoid the saggy crotch. hahaha

my constipated husband and his lovely Grandma. 
We spent a lot of much needed time with the baby nephews. They were so cute! Mikey we don't get to see too much so it was nice! He's such a handsome little guy and so sweet! When people were leaving he'd run to the door and stare out the window and get sad. It was so sweet.
He wants one of these. ha They look good on him... ;)))

It was a great way to spend a Saturday. Sunday we stayed in and got chores done and drove around . We went to the local Goodwill and we lucked out because it was Half Off Day! I got some unique stuff. I have a photoshoot on Saturday and I'm photographing a girl so I've been keeping an eye out for props. I found the perfect vintage chair for this shoot.
And It was only $7.00!!!! Score!

I know what you're thinking ... looks old and raggady but this is why I did a mock shoot...
Of course it's going to be even better with the few more props we have and the model. But it's a sneak peak. I cannot wait for Saturday!
I also found some adorable leopard flats from Kitson and they were only a dollar and change!
It was a good thrifting day! My mom get weirded out that I announce things I get from the thrift stores.. To be honest with you, I don't find any reason to be ashamed of saving a lot of money on clothes. I'm a newlywed and we are paying and have paid for everything ourselves so it's not like I'm going to be shopping at Macy's for jeans and tops when I can pay less than $3 for those things. I also love finding thrift store items so NO I'm not ashamed. ;-)
Afterwards we went for a drive to a nearby town Ojai. Passed this cute little book store. Fact: it's in that movie Easy A with Emma Stone.

Besides that, that's all we did this past weekend. Now onto randoms.
Nails. I went back to Dennis in Simi Valley and he does such a lovely job. Thank you Dennis. =)
This little nugget has been super cuddly lately and I'm loving it! What I'm not loving is the fact that he's barking a lot lately too! He's gotten super protective this past week and if there's a stranger that goes in the apartment parking lot he goes crazy! I'm glad his barks aren't yappy. He's got a manly bark. ha. I love my little baby. He's also been scratching at the door whenever his neighbor pups go outside he wants to go out too and he'll do a yawn with a weird growl thing. It's funny to see him do it.

Last week was so nice, we had cold rainy weather and I loved it. Now it's all warm in the 80's .
These are from my instagram. Follow me! @Snooz3

Now onto the weightloss... I've been running/walking and eating a lot better. Haven't gone out this week and trying to keep it that way. Drinking lots of water. I'm noticing a difference and it felt good to go over to my mom's last night and my step dad asked if I was losing weight. Loved hearing that question.
Tightening it up for summer! whoo!
Here's some of what I've been eating lately.
Cosby's on a carrot diet . ;) at my mom's.
That's pretty much it for now. I'm starting up a website for my photography so i'll be sharing that soon! I have photoshoots coming up from here to June and cannot wait!
McDaniels' family!

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