Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dating My Man

This past weekend, David surprised me with a date day, just the two of us! We don't get too many chances to go out like we used to. Having a toddler can take a toll, so this date was much needed.

 We thought our date day was going to consist of running errands freely without a screaming toddler, but thankfully we were able to get all those errands done before dropping mr. Noah off. 

David had planned to take me to watch Heaven is For Real at the discount theater (heck no, we're not paying $30 to watch a movie that we can later enjoy for a dollar or two). So we just barely made it to the 2:30 showing and wow, that movie was so good. It really touched a very tender spot in our hearts and with our recent struggles. I was in tears for a good chunk of the movie. I am definetely going to be purchasing that movie!

one glass... two glasses...
3 & 4.... heehee

After the movie, we were starving! I looked at my Groupon app to see if there were any new inexpensive places to try out and lucked out on finding a local wine tasting with a meal included all for two people for $24!!! 

I was so excited when I found this! Neither of us had ever gone wine tasting and my gosh was it a treat! The place was so neat looking and the service was amazing! 
Had to take a bathroom selfie in this fun restroom! 

I would love to go back soon! After that we went to the mall to make a return and than David insisted on having pie for dessert. I'm not much of a pie person, in fact I don't like it, I don't like cake or frosting... I know, freak of nature, anything chocolate though I will devour in seconds. =)

Anywho, I agreed to go to Marie Callender's  because he was on the verge of tears if I said no (wink wink), and I got a New York Style Cheesecake. I am also not a huge fan of cheesecake but this was actually really good! So much too! I couldn't even eat half of it! It was nice being able to sit with my husband and just talk  and be lovey dovey. We really needed to get back in the groove of making more of an effort with one another and with our marriage. Our marriage wasn't and isn't on the rocks or anything but it was starting to feel like we were becoming that couple that settles into a routine and we were forgetting to be romantic with one another. David is my best friend, I love him to death. We always tell each other everything and I had mentioned a while back that I missed the old young us. The adventurous wild spirits that would date one another and run around stores holding hands and kissing and lay on random beds at Bed Bath and Beyond! Being those crazy kids that went to Toys R Us one time, bought batman masks and ran around the streets screaming and laughing together!

We might not be as wild as we once were but we sure are in love like never before. Our recent life challenges and lessons have brought us closer and we've entered a deeper connection with one another. A key factor for our relationship is focusing more on God so that he can work on us individually and together. I have seen a spiritual growth in my husband and I and I am excited for what God may have planned for our family's future.

This is just the beginning baby,  here's to many more adventures! 

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