Thursday, March 20, 2014

At The Park

I've been taking Noah to parks since he was about 5 months old. He absolutely loves being outside, the wind hitting his face while he swings, and now that he's a big boy, he enjoys climbing on anything and everything and even giggles when he falls! Yesterday was exciting because he went up on the jungle gym all on his own and than even went down the slide without me right there! I was a good ten feet away taking pictures. He sat at the top, whined a little and than let go, grabbed onto the side of the slide and went down on his belly! It was the funniest thing ever! hahaha!

It's funny how the first few months of Noah's life, we were so, extremely careful about germs and making sure everyone washed their hands before holding him. In fact, we were so cautious, I didn't announce being at the hospital in labor for that reason. A lot of our family would complain about us asking them to wash up and use sanitizer before holding him, which is astonishing to me! It's not that hard to be clean! I'm glad we were that careful tho, and would wipe down every table and high chair at restaurants with clorox wipes, because he has only been sick with a cold twice. Now, his immune system is a lot stronger, we don't have to worry as much but I do always clean him up when he gets dirty.  Yesterday while at the park, he was eating a banana, and he would drop it on the grass, and I found myself just scraping off the dirt and giving it back to him. Crazy, I wouldn't have ever thought I could do that . Hahaa. He enjoyed that thing!

Silly boy. I had cut his hair for the 3rd time! I cut it on Monday, decided to give him a little side swept hair style. I think he looks handsome! =) And he's less sweaty now.
Once David got home, I made dinner Creamy White Chicken Chili . I didn't use the crockpot, just stovetop on high. It turned out so good! It's David's new favorite!

After dinner, we went to check out the food truck Wednesday. Sounds funny to say since we had already had dinner but we wanted something fun to do with a fun atmosphere. I've never had anything from a food truck so it was pretty exciting! We found Sugar Babies which is a cupcake truck, so we tried a couple of their minis! Yum!

It was fun! They had live music, a lot of kids running around, and it was at the Channel Islands Harbor so it was nice to walk by the water and look at the boats. I love that we are so close to everything now! I really missed living in a beach town!
Today, my best friend Lupe and her baby are coming over and we'll probably walk to the park. I have so much to catch up on, Next post will be about David's birthday! =) 

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