Wednesday, March 26, 2014

David's 25th Birthday!

David turned a whopping 25 a couple of weeks ago! We celebrated the day of by having his mom over, stepdad and sister. His mom made the lovely cake you see on our table and it was so good! Marble peanut and chocolate bundt cake! YUM! I had a surprise gift for him, I had been sneaky the week before and went and got us tickets to see one of his favorite bands for a few days after his birthday at the Ventura Majestic Theater. That Wednesday, we dropped Noah off at his grandma's and we got ready headed out for a night of fun! We started out by having dinner and drinks at BJ's.

This show, my best friend actually told me about and we decided it would be David's birthday celebration. We've been going to shows since we were in High School! In fact, David was a part of a band, played guitar and even made it to playing at the Whiskey a Go Go in LA with a few great bands! They were doing so good, and than life got in the way and all the band members just grew apart. Shows aren't something you'd take your granny to , ha, it's hardcore rock music that some people mosh to and it's just a big crowd. I love the excitement and hearing the base booms so close up.

* Turn down your volume before watching! =) This was Earned in Agony, (David on guitar) at Ventura Theater. 6 years ago!

Okay, sorry, got carried away with taking it back 6 years ago! I just love reminiscing, he Loved playing so much! He still plays his guitar, but now in our apartment while Noah watches in awe. =)

Back to the show, so we went and met up with my bff and it was so so fun!

This was the guitarist for The Ghost Inside and he actually grabbed my iphone and took pictures for me! So cool!

And of course, David's favorite band, The Devil Wears Prada

It was a fun night! Made me feel like I was back in high school! Not that I would want to be hahaha but it was a good time. I was so excited when it was over so we could pick Noah up and cuddle him all night long. Cheers to parent's night out!
David enjoyed his Birthday, I'm so happy he did! Happy 25th ya old man, I love you so much! You're my everything, and I appreciate all the hard work you do for our family! You've grown into such a manly man and I love you so much! 

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