Monday, March 31, 2014

ColdPlay, Night Out & Shannanigans! Plus Update

Last weekend I was spoiled rotten by my sister in law! She invited me to go with her and her to friends to see Coldplay! Coldplay! When in a million years would I ever be able to see them?! Never! I mean, sure I could always get tickets to one of their concerts but that would be expensive for sure! She got us all in to their "secret show" and for free may I add! A free secret show where they played songs from they're brand new cd coming out in MAY! We got to Sony Pictures in Culver City, and waited for about an hour to get in. It was a smaller crowd maybe 200-300 people and the stage was super tiny and in the center of the room. I swear I could see the sweat beads on his forehead we were pretty close! They put on a very good light show and I love how instrumental all the musicians are. His voice was right on point too! I was so so so happy that after they played their new album, he went back on stage and played 3 of his older songs! Fix You, Paradise and Viva La Vida! Man me and my sister were jumping up and down! It was so fun!
At the end of the concert, we waited to exit and to our surprise, security handed everyone an envelope with a card and two pins signed by the band! How amazing is that?! Ugh it was so much fun!
Afterwards, we were all starving, so we went out to Downtown LA, maybe not such a great idea at that time of night but eh, we're young and dumb right?! hahaha
Amber, my sister in law, took us to Cole's, a super cool vintage bar and restaurant that even has a speak easy in the back! Totally my setting! I had never really been out and to go to a place like this really made my night!
 We had to wait to be seated so we hit the bar for a little while, and really, we only ordered one moscow mule for each person but a stranger bought us all a shot and well yea. hahahaha. If you know me, you know I really don't drink, wine with dinner here and there maybe, but never shots of anything! So one drink + one shot = "what did I just say?!" for me. =)

fancy copper mugs

 We finally got to sit down and eat. I loved how old fashioned everything was! Even their menus were old fashioned!

It was really a fun night out! The following day, Sunday, our family went to the Spring Fling Festival in town . They had a petting zoo, horses, BBQ, a bounce house and fun activities for kids. Noah Loved it!

Family Selfie!

He's obsessed with ANYTHING that has wheels or balls. 
During the week, nothing crazy happened, just ran errands like getting an oil change on my PT Loser, grocery shopping, going to parks, library blah blah blah the usual weekly routine. But I did take pics so I'll go ahead and share them. =)

I love this pic! He kept whining after he ate, and we were still eating breakfast, so I sat him on my lap while I ate and he fell asleep! It was so funny! Sleeping while sitting.

Well that's attractive! ;)
While my car got it's much needed grooming. 
Chaos in his room. 
He understand a lot now, and says words like : Fish (shh shh) Ball (bAaaaal) , Car (ka) , Clock (CLaAw), Mom (maam) Dad ( dAaaaDi!) and ow (oOooww). It's the cutest thing ever! He's only a year and two months old and he does this. We ask him to show guests his fish and he'll walk to his room whispering "shhh Shhh shh" until he get's to his fishbowl and points! I love it! I also ask him to go get me a book to read to him and he goes to his bookcase and picks out his favorite Peekaboo book! ~~~ MindBlown~~~ !

I think he's so advanced because we are constantly talking to him, and we involve him in everything we do. Since he was itty bitty, he's been my therapist, I talk and he listens. While I drive I talk to him, while I cook I'll pick him up and show what I'm doing and even involve him with chores. He loves loves loves to sweep (yes he actually does it) and Loves to wipe the table, windows and floor down!

Actually thinking about getting him his own cleaning set! ;)

We still nurse, 14 months of nursing is difficult, not easy at all. It definitely takes a toll but it's what works for us. It's a lot less than before, only to get him to sleep. He takes a bottle for the most part but we have our "fussy days" where being on the boob is the only place he wants to be. And that's okay. Hey, it's different for everyone.

Now, not everything is super fine and dandy with how Noah has been acting lately. He's biting like a puppy (but super hard) and he's biting me a lot. I have bruises all over my arms, and it's not that I let it happen. We discipline, he cries and throws a tantrum but he'll do it again later. He's also been very rough with me, he swings his head all over , just playing and being silly, but he always ends up bumping me in the face with his big ol' toddler head. Last week, I was trying to get a workout in, and he kept climbing on my and kept dropping his head on my chest, well I ended moving and he hit my bottom lip super hard and busted it! Not fun! It's hard to not lose my temper but I try not to over react when it is an accident like that. 

Anyways, I'll do a real update soon, just wanted to share how our little guy is advancing. =) 

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