Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August Shennanigans (Photodump)

Oh my! Summer is almost over! Whyyyy?!

Blogging and vlogging has come to a short pause due to fun summer colds and mastitis ! ugh not again! I got it about two years ago, read about how I cured it naturally Here, but this time, I felt worst and I couldn't even hold my baby, I was in so much pain. So I went to the doctor, got antibiotics and it took care of it within a day! Thank God! The next day I took in baby Levi for a cough he's had for a week, and they told me not to worry that it wasn't in his lungs or anything so I'm glad it's pretty much gone now and he's himself.

I feel like August has been our most Fun filled month of this summer by far! These past few weekends have been a blast!

The first weekend of August we went to Santa Barbara to enjoy Fiestas! I love being there for the festivities! Brings back so many memories of when I used to be a part of it and dance in all the parades and shows!

I'm aware of how lame I look.Don't know how to selfie anymore! But look at my braid!

Yes David held a snake!

Yes my two year old did too! So brave!

SB view from up top!


Definition of Fiestas on State st. 

After SB we stopped at our favorite beach to beat the heat. Fun Fact: there are always swimsuits and towels in our car for such occasions. Beach bums.
oh me and my sissy!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Lancaster to visit David's family. We got to see the grandmas and they got to meet Levi! It was such a good family visit! It was also 106 degrees that weekend so we went over to David's uncle's house to cool off in their pool and I may or may not have enjoyed a margarita! ;) Delish! We also stayed the night at his cousin's house and oh my gosh that was fun! Sarah and I (david's cousin's wife) had our first born a couple of months apart and our second two weeks apart! So it's always fun seeing our babies play together when we visit! They have such a beautiful house with a gorgeous pool too!  I've said it before but seriously, they are the sweetest most humble family ever! HASHTAG : GOALS.


This past weekend, we were invited by David's ex work friends to join them and their families to go to Universal Studios! They didn't let us decline so we HAD to go. ;) We love this group of friends! The second time we all hung out, we were at our little apartment with all 8 of them and stayed up until 2 am just having fun and talking and joking around so we knew Universal would be fun! I'd say it was a good time (for having a two and a half year old and 2 month old) but it was very very hot and the waits for getting on any ride were very long. Two things that don't sit well with babies. So obviously we didn't get on a many rides and we did have to stop a few times to manage the babies but it was a lot of fun!

My Favorite Actress! Lucy!
Pretty sure they planned to match! haha

our handsome men! 

"get me off of here mom! You're embarrassing me!" lol 

He loved this ride!
oh and dinner pic because it was amazing! 
Levi's first amusement park experience! 
This month is flying by and I'm glad we've made the most of it ! Also, David and I celebrated 4 years of marriage this month but more on that in the next post!

Noah's First time at Universal: Here

Noah's second time at Universal : Here

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